The Scarecast Files #6: Disneyland Deaths | Debbie Gail Stone

Season 8
11m | Dec 30, 2023

On July 8, 1974, guests at a Disneyland attraction called America Sings, which had six rotation stages showing different acts, were waiting for the next act to start when they heard a bone-chilling scream. Many of the guests thought the scream belonged to the show; however, after one guest noticed what appeared to be a girl stuck in between the ride’s rotating stages, the attraction was immediately put to a stop. Another staff member would discover that the attraction's hostess, 18-year-old Deborah Gail Stone, had been fatally crushed. It's unknown how Deborah ended up in her fatal state. After the tragedy, Disneyland installed safety lights and breakaway walls to ensure such accidents would never happen again. Also, it seemed that Deborah Stone herself wanted to prevent others from meeting the same fate. Before the attraction was permanently closed in 1988, several cast members reported hearing a disembodied female voice telling them: "Be careful."

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