The Scarecast Files #11: It's A Small World After All

Season 8
9m | Feb 27, 2024

Back in 1966, Disneyland debuted their new attraction, It’s A Small World which boasted over 240 animatronics and an unforgettable soundtrack that surely would leave a tune running in your head for a long time. The ride was made for the kids, who would be overloaded with all these cute dolls singing to them as they ride in their little boats in amaze. But for some, these little dolls can become quite creepy. Almost as if the dolls have trapped souls in them, there have been eerie reports that even after the ride is shut down and closed, the dolls can still be heard singing in the dead of night. Have you experienced anything?

Imgr picture of the small figure in the ceiling of It's A Small World inside of Disneyland (purportedly taken in 1999):

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