The Scarecast Files #10: The Haunted Kmart #7625

Season 8
5m | Feb 10, 2024

Legend has it that when the store used to be a Zod’s a tragic double murder-suicide unfolded in the upstairs stockroom, involving a couple who were employees of Zody's. Allegedly, the boyfriend discovered that his girlfriend cheated on him with another male coworker,, leading to a violent outburst where he used a box cutter to fatally wound them both before taking his own life by slashing his wrists and carotid artery. It's said that the spirits of all three individuals now haunt the premises.

As reports of strange phenomena continued to mount, even after the store turned into the big K-Mart I know it is as today… K-Mart #7625… Kmart headquarters in Michigan received word of the unsettling events, and were spooked… prompting them to engage paranormal investigators to delve into the matter. While the investigation was discreet, its findings revealed the presence of four distinct spirits inhabiting the building, with the fourth spirit's origins remaining a mystery.

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