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19 Keys Presents High Level Conversations

19 Keys are electrical enlightening thought patterns and high lvl conversations. Life is about the journey not the destination, listen to these keys to help you along your journey in spirituality, entrepreneurship, future building, mind management keys etc... SUPPORT PODCAST SUBSCRIBE BELOW www.crownz19.com www.goldewater.com PayPal: 19keysllc@gmail.com Venmo: @jibrialkeys


Exposing the rap game; truth about the industry , power of music with 19 Keys ft Royce Da 5’9
Show Details3hr 20min
The Future Of Things: Concepts, technologies, Emerging World with 19 Keys Ft Iddris Sandu
Show Details59min 54s
Black Future World, Secret African Technology, & Building With Women with 19 Keys & Chaka Bars
Show Details2hr 42min
Soft Life , Masculine Women , superior men ,power of the tongue 19keys ft Ronne Brown
Show Details1hr 35min
Branding Keys, Ancestorial Ties and How Metaphysical Systems Dominate The World with 19 Keys Ft Red Pill
Show Details2hr 2min
HLC LIBRARY From deathbed to new life; the power of food with 19 Keys and Yah'ki Awakened
Show Details9min 24s
HLC: Demon time and the frequency of music w/ Cyhi The Prynce x 19 Keys
Show Details1hr 40min
HLC Library: Aliens Among us, Downfall of Technology, and Learning from the Cosmos with 19 Keys Ft Billy Carson
Show Details32min 24s
Laws of the Universe, Shadow Self & Intelligent Design with 19 Keys & Wallstreet Trapper
Show Details2hr 27min
HLC Library: Practical Application of Chakras with 19 Keys Ft Blue Pill
Show Details8min 52s
SAVE OUR BOYS: Parenthood, Politics, and Power with 19 Keys ft King Randal
Show Details2hr 14min
Unlock your 3rd eye ,Chakras , and Crystal consciousness w/ blue pill + 19keys
Show Details3hr 23min
PART 3: Economic Calamity VS Financial Liberation with 19 Keys Featuring Ian Dunlap
Show Details1hr 34min
PART 2: Economic Calamity VS Financial Liberation with 19 Keys Featuring Ian Dunlap
Show Details56min 34s
PART 1: Economic Calamity VS Financial Liberation with 19 Keys Featuring Ian Dunlap
Show Details49min 43s
Biological warfare , electric vs magnetic foods , healing the Brain & body with Yah'ki & 19keys
Show Details1hr 45min
The Death and Rebirth of a New Culture Ft EYL
Show Details1hr 14min
Ancient Civilizations, Multiple Dimensions, Aliens & Time with 19 Keys & Billy Carson
Show Details1hr 50min
Real Scared Women, Relationships, Femininity | HLC with 19 Keys S1E3 Ft Queen Afua and Supanova Slom
Show Details1hr 52min
True Masculinity | HLC with 19 Keys S1E2 Ft Mike Rashid
Show Details2hr 58min
Keenan Beasley & 19 Keys: How Families Build Billion Dollar Empires
Show Details1hr 29min
Financially educating the hood with lewis belt & 19keys Q&A
Show Details1hr 34min
Make it through the darkness
Show Details8min 58s
Q&A with 19 Keys | The War Room ft Steve Jones
Show Details22min 41s
What is the Black Standard? Q&A With 19 Keys
Show Details3min 23s
The attack on manhood | Man to Man Ft Basheer and Steve Jones
Show Details2hr 3min
The Power of doing for self
Show Details19min 39s
Creativity & Design | The War Room Ft Basheer
Show Details18min 54s
Stop celebrating your failures and sacrifice to be successful
Show Details11min 36s
A person's journey is their level of warfare | Dangerous Conversation Ft. Blue Pill
Show Details23min 25s
Do You Know The Power Of Ownership? 19 Keys War Room
Show Details14min 11s
Who is 19 Keys?
Show Details24min 20s
This is the generation that completes the new paradigm of building wealth
Show Details22min 56s
Mindset and Wealth Pt 2 | The War Room Ft Basheer
Show Details1hr 20min
Special* Addressing to the Culture with Rashaad Bilal (EYL)
Show Details1hr 49min
The moment that you give up, you're dead
Show Details11min 26s
Leveraging the utility of our creativity
Show Details20min 53s
Mindset and Wealth Pt 1 | The War Room Ft Basheer
Show Details23min 40s
80% Mindset 20% Skillset | BTS Table Talk Puerto Rico
Show Details37min 37s
Wisdom is the best way to cure the cycle of karma
Show Details16min 40s
What will make you commit to the goal? | The Mind of Keys
Show Details40min 22s
Upgrading your language - NFT Keys Talk | The Download
Show Details9min 38s
Outgrow your old self now | The Download
Show Details11min 46s
The Biggest Crypto Play Ever Interview!!
Show Details1hr 57min
Masculinity becoming extinct | The War Room Ft Pops Keys
Show Details1hr 10min
Manhood Crypto and Culture Pt 2 | The War Room Ft Steve Jones
Show Details1hr 10min
Manhood Crypto and Culture Pt 1 | The War Room Ft Steve Jones
Show Details1hr 26min
Why People too close to your light get blinded by it | The Download #2
Show Details11min 23s
2022 NFT game mastermind session Bonus*
Show Details1hr 22min
Branding, Design Thinking, and Business Intelligence | High Level Conversation ft Durand Davis
Show Details1hr 17min
Your not getting OLD anymore | #TheDownload
Show Details11min 1s
Questions you should ask yourself for 2022
Show Details43min 25s
The world needs to cut the programming off!! | Ep. 136
Show Details58min 41s
College isn't for Billionaires/ Blockchain/ Crypto Update Ep.135
Show Details1hr 11min
Mandatory Freedom / The Kyrie Effect Ep: 134
Show Details45min 46s
They Cant cancel Masculinity: The real power | High level Conversation with 19keys and his pops (The War Room) ep. 133
Show Details1hr 8min
( 3 nights in Miami ) High-level dialogue about tokenomics ,the future of currency & crypto (Ep. 132)
Show Details41min 8s
Wisdom and lessons from Dubai (Ep. 131)
Show Details51min 16s
The Secret Science behind Crypto never explained #Tokenomics (Ep. 130)
Show Details44min 47s
High level Download [ Black World Order] EP: 129
Show Details26min 12s
A NEW TIME begins, Decoding chronus complex [ High Lvl Observations] EP| 128
Show Details52min 2s
1000 Solutions but first the SHEDDING/ Mental Health Care 2021 EP| 126
Show Details1hr 23min
Regardless who's president , truth, history , business and high level observation (part 10) EP| 124
Show Details1hr 24min
The Plot Against Black Men (love craft country breakdown) | EP.122
Show Details1hr 49min
Spiritual Development & The Health Standards (High Level Talk) | EP.120
Show Details1hr 3min
Listen to Women and the World is Yours! | EP.119
Show Details1hr 49min
Show Details1hr 4min
To Vote or Not to Vote, Fear of the Blk Rulers [The Truth ] Interview | EP.117
Show Details1hr 5min
High End Wealth Talk with Millionaire Trader & Investor Chris Cole (free bitcoin) | EP.116
Show Details1hr 36min
Synchronicity: The Day the World Changed; High Lvl Observations | EP.115
Show Details1hr 12min
Deep Reflections for a Better Mind + A New Generation to Come!! | EP.114
Show Details56min 35s
2021 Will Not Be Nice!! Organic Entrepreneurship Golden Nuggets! | EP.113
Show Details1hr 6min
Spiritual Guru Talks Ancient Knowledge of Sex, Love, & Divine Connections: Part 2 | EP.112
Show Details2hr 38min
Ancient Knowledge of Sex, Love & Divine Connections!! Part 1 | EP.111
Show Details32min 3s
NFAC Black Militia + Huey P's Sacrifice /Black Women Protection | EP.110
Show Details33min 19s
The Cure for Procrastination + Birthing Ideas... | EP.109
Show Details33min 38s
Bring Value Don’t Chase Cash & Proper Business Relationships | EP.108
Show Details51min 49s
The Wealth Standard: Look for the Leader Within | EP.107
Show Details1hr 25min
Nick Cannon + The Last Generation | EP.106
Show Details1hr 34min
Protect & Serve Ourselves [The Black Standard] | EP.105
Show Details1hr 16min
The Business of Police Brutality : A Case for Separation | EP.104
Show Details1hr
The New America Civil War w/ Supa Nova Slom | EP.103
Show Details40min 6s
The Black Standard 2020 | EP.101
Show Details29min 56s
Show Details1hr 1min
Show Details46min 15s
Covid-19 from Jail!! The Forgotten Ones!! | EP.98
Show Details35min 47s
New America from Essential Leadership PT 1 w/ Derrick Grace | EP.97
Show Details58min 19s
Immune to Society | EP.96
Show Details55min 53s
High Level Conversations with Just Tokyo | EP.95
Show Details2hr 1min
Essential Leadership with Jay Morrison (the Mogul) | EP.94
Show Details50min 48s
Quarantine Entrepreneurism | EP.93
Show Details50min 41s
The "New America" is Coming! | EP.92
Show Details1hr 15min
Covid 19: Qurantine Keys + The Bigger Agenda PT 2 | EP.91
Show Details1hr 50min
Quarantine Report x Jay Electricity x Covid-19 | EP.90
Show Details1hr 25min
The Epidemic Crownz 19 Theory w/ Bluepill | EP.89
Show Details1hr 34min
Secret Credit Keys /Free Game to Apply! | EP.88
Show Details1hr 9min
Jesus is a 19Key!! | EP.87
Show Details1hr 22min
Relationship Talk from a Higher Observer! | EP.86
Show Details1hr 11min
The 5G Awareness/Is Society Trying to Kill Us? | EP.85
Show Details48min 58s
Abstract Entrepreneurship + Digital Marketing | EP.84
Show Details1hr 10min
Spectacular Results Millionaire Story!! | EP.83
Show Details1hr 23min
Polarizing Morality Gayle, Oprah & Trump Effect! | EP.82
Show Details1hr
Free Thinking Black Men | EP.81
Show Details1hr 18min
Triple Dimension of Corona (the break down) | EP.80
Show Details28min 22s
Premeditated Sex + Feed the God Within (The Talk) | EP.79
Show Details51min 24s
Entreprenuer Codes PT 2 w/ CEO David Shands | EP.78
Show Details1hr 4min
The Entrepreneur Codes: Sleep is 4 Suckers Crossover Interview | EP.77
Show Details38min 7s
In the Classroom with Keys and Friends | EP.76
Show Details1hr 51min
Mental Wealth Codes---Anti-Inflammatory Knowledge from Black Scientist! PT 1 | EP.75
Show Details1hr 40min
A Generation Born with Social Media!! | EP.74
Show Details48min 56s
2020 Vision of War + Iran + Focus + Dababy!!! | EP.73
Show Details33min 40s
Last Relationship Talk of the Year!! | EP.72
Show Details1hr 2min
Relationships & Illusions *Powerful PT 2 w/ Jackie Rowe | EP.71
Show Details58min 19s
The Gold Conversation w/ Frontrowe with Jackie Rowe the Legend PT 1 | EP.70
Show Details1hr 5min
Control the Image, Own the Culture, Save Yourself #trapxarttv | EP.69
Show Details1hr 31min
My First Ever Interview with My Father (the God duo) | EP.68
Show Details1hr 6min
What I've Surprisingly Learned from My 1st Trip to Africa? Activating My DNA | EP.67
Show Details1hr
The South Africa Effect & Generation That Changes It All.. | EP.66
Show Details1hr 16min
Shhhhhh.... from Malcom, Black Women & Jesus | EP.65
Show Details1hr 41min
My Very Enlightening Interview in the UK with ZEZE MILLZ | EP.64
Show Details28min 49s
Minerals vs Chemicals, Knowledge of Self vs Reparations, Gary Vee vs Garvey, Sharing Economy | EP.63
Show Details54min
Everyday We Should Give Value (bonus episode) | EP.62
Show Details52min 36s
The Intuition of a Holistic Baddie #UKblog | EP.61
Show Details1hr 1min
The Code to Paradigm Shifting!! | EP.60
Show Details35min 10s
Divine Reminders/ Marketing vs. Branding and Crowning Your Purpose! | EP.59
Show Details58min 5s
A Womans Womb vs. A Mans Womb (Science of manhood) | EP.58
Show Details26min 18s
It's Time We Do Better... The War on Your Health | EP.57
Show Details56min 17s
Abundance Lifestyle | EP.56
Show Details44min 2s
Playing the Game is Worth More Now w/ Special Guest Bluepill | EP.55
Show Details50min 50s
Lies Kill Your Willpower/ The Truth of Why World Building is So Important | EP.54
Show Details35min 23s
Einstein & May Weather (The realization) | EP.53
Show Details10min
The Most Powerful Voices in the World (unreleased bonus audio of the shifters tour) | EP.52
Show Details2hr 54min
Message to City Boys and City Girls (change your summer) Get Some Game | EP.51
Show Details39min 22s
The Truth is the Villain, Don't Follow the Crowd, Russian Face App | EP.50
Show Details34min 16s
Conscious Relationships, Polygamy Question, Tantric Sex, Too Many Options.. (Low Volume) | EP.49
Show Details1hr 37min
Part 1: Iddris Effect w/ a Tech Architect (high level conversations) | EP.48
Show Details57min 16s
Financial Future w/ Self Made Millionaire Chris Cole | EP.47
Show Details1hr 19min
In Home Banking with Derrick Grace (Low volume) | EP.46
Show Details18min 50s
Strong Arming Consciousness/ Juneteenth Special with Bluepill | EP.45
Show Details58min 31s
Powerful Keys to Operate in Higher Consciousness with Ajna Surah | EP.44
Show Details1hr 18min
Sex & Consciousness with Ajna Surah, Higher Relationship Roles, Feminine DIvine Masculine Align | EP.43
Show Details53min 56s
The Shift of Ego — Mens Perspective of Manhood, Masculinity, The Truth!! | EP. 42
Show Details1hr 24min
Beyond the Law of Attraction ---High Level Knowledge Isn't Free You Gotta Pay Attention | EP.41
Show Details1hr 29min
Secret Formula of Energy & Focus (Drinking Gold Water) | EP.40
Show Details36min 14s
How Do Women View Black Men?/ Actualization/ Archetypes vs Stereotypes | EP.39
Show Details1hr 44min
What You Do Frequently Becomes Your Frequency, Story of Crowning Jay Electronica | EP.38
Show Details31min 18s
Exercising Your Creative Capacity in Business; Interviewer Q&A | EP.37
Show Details36min 16s
Farrakhan Banned from Facebook & Instagram!! WOULD MLK AND MALCOLM X BEEN BANNED TOO??? | EP.36
Show Details49min
The Seven C's of Content Creation! | EP.35
Show Details13min 45s
My Secrets to Content Monetization, Stop Thinking Logical Start Thinking Creative! | EP.34
Show Details59min 36s
Universal Laws, Building Social Media, New Paradigm Shifts, Manhood Rules | EP.33
Show Details1hr 28min
Podcast from Jail with Steve/ The Journey to Consciousness/ Kodak Black/ Thoughts about Nipsey Hussle Behind Bars Part 2 | EP.32
Show Details34min 31s
The Importance of a Team w/ Derrick Grace/ Master Consciousness: Part 1 | EP.31
Show Details1hr 38min
A Word About Nipsey Hussle the Legend! | EP.30
Show Details6min
Master Consciousness Law of Excitement for High Achievers | EP.29
Show Details8min 7s
Bonus Podcast: Episode 2 of "Nothing Random" Podcast with @b.amechi | EP.28
Show Details1hr 31min
Reason Why You Can't Find Your Purpose: Quit Lying to Self, Success vs Fulfillment | EP.27
Show Details10min 4s
Gratefulness Is a Tactic of War | EP.26
Show Details59min 44s
ARTIFICIAL Intelligence vs. Emotional Intelligence | EP.25
Show Details1hr 20min
Relationship Talk with Women!! Question? Should I Be Naked on IG? | EP.24
Show Details2hr 34min
Men View Point Show [current topics] | EP.23
Show Details1hr 30min
Gucci Black Face, Brand Legacy, The Woke Celebrity Empathy w/ Master Decoder Blue Pillar | EP.22
Show Details40min 50s
Paradigm Shifting Interview with Ben X & Rizza Islam on Black Magic TV in New York | EP.21
Show Details41min 25s
Interview w/ Rapper Keak Da Sneak [shot/ disabled and now he has 1 week to go to prison] | EP. 20
Show Details32min 31s
Questions to Change Your Life!!! [#selling with @Billionairepa] | EP.19
Show Details45min 26s
19Keys Relationship Advice for Millennials | EP.18
Show Details17min 44s
Why I Left the Army with Marcus Clark + A Phone Is Better than a Protest? | EP.17
Show Details31min 53s
What Business Can I Start Today with David Shands: Serial Entrepreneur | EP.16
Show Details8min 48s
Once in a Lifetime Keys [listen til the end]; Paradigm Keys| EP.15
Show Details1hr 39min
Updating Your Mind: Versus Word Method | EP.14
Show Details1hr 1min
19Keys x Free Game Podcast, R. Kelly, #Metoo, Hiphop, Paradigm Shifts | EP.13
Show Details1hr 52min
Mastering the Journey, Childhood Stories, Meditation Keys with my younger bro Basheer | EP.12
Show Details45min 57s
Keys about Discipline from Jail with Steve Jones | EP.11
Show Details25min 46s
The Day After I Quit My Job... Advice/ Motivation for the Journey | EP.10
Show Details13min 38s
Addicted to Consciousness with CEO of UIW Pop Darby | EP.9
Show Details1hr 3min
Dream Keys: Same you, new year, same bank because no results | EP.8
Show Details1hr 2min
Solution Based Futurists Talk with Trapxart TV | EP.7
Show Details36min 52s
19keys Spiritual billionaire song
Show Details3min 39s
The Cut Season for Growth; Building Your Years | EP.6
Show Details21min 15s
Getting Out the Mud and Gaining Traction | EP.5
Show Details7min 32s
Keys and Pure Science | EP.4
Show Details17min 55s
Black to Africa | EP.3
Show Details3min 46s
Kundalini for Dummies With Ben X | EP.2
Show Details8min 43s
The Mathematical Language • Black Energy Materialized • Potential Energy • Traveling Goals • How To Deal With Disruptive New Energy | EP.1
Show Details32min 30s