Alone on the Couch.

Join Journalist KB McIntosh as He challenges community perspectives through uncommon narratives.



32. The Odysseus Mindset
Show Details30min 56s
31. Epic Games V Apple
Show Details29min 25s
30. Hyperbolic Time Couch
Show Details41min 54s
29. What You Should Know About Starting a Podcast
Show Details44min 34s
28. Stop Asking if Your NOT Ready to Receive!
Show Details52min 1s
27. Leaving the Baggage in 2020 Pt. 2
Show Details34min 21s
26. Can You Spot If You're a Polymath?
Show Details34min 7s
25. 6 Things That Can Help Build Your Support System!
Show Details30min 50s
24. A 30 Day Introspection Challenge
Show Details30min 10s
23. Eddie Brock: The Motivation Guide To getting It Together
Show Details22min 11s
22. Leaving the Baggage in 2020
Show Details33min 38s
21. Rejection is NOT a Reflection of Failure
Show Details26min
20. How To Find Purpose Like a Boss
Show Details26min 5s
19. Can Mice Help Your Self Reflection?
Show Details20min 29s
18. Warning! Are You Sabotaging Your Relationships?
Show Details28min 26s
17. Spotting the Problem with What I Learned In My 30s
Show Details20min 53s
16. Are You Still Body Shamming Yourself?
Show Details29min 54s
15. What You Should Know About Impact
Show Details23min 24s
7B. F**king with My Vibe PT.4 (Bonus)
Show Details52min 44s
14. Getting Transparent AF
Show Details55min 34s
6B. F**king with My Vibe PT.3 (Bonus)
Show Details37min 41s
13. Couches and Comedians
Show Details28min 57s
12. Journey to the Couch
Show Details34min 6s
11. Running with Couches
Show Details35min 58s
5B. Praying Mantis (Bonus)
Show Details37min 34s
10. Weaponizing Influence
Show Details47min 23s
4B. F**king with My Vibe PT.2 (Bonus)
Show Details36min 18s
9. A Linq to Set the Record Straight
Show Details48min 9s
8. So You Can't Keep Your Hands to Yourself?!
Show Details38min 33s
7. Sunday Motivation
Show Details38min 1s
6. Consecutive Challenges
Show Details57min 44s
5. Rearranging The Couch
Show Details48min 4s
4. F**king with my Vibe
Show Details57min 1s
3B. The Couch of Entanglement (Bonus)
Show Details14min 27s
3. The Love Seat w/ The Neighborhood Heauxs
Show Details46min 6s
2B. Oh No Baby What is You Doin?! (Bonus)
Show Details12min 30s
1B. Even MORE Cushion (Bonus)
Show Details17min 34s
2. More Cushion for the Pushin
Show Details57min 1s
1. Sweet Jones I've Failed Yoooooou!
Show Details1hr 5min