The Young Baptist Podcast

Two young leaders take on conversations that face believers, and challenge the church to focus on the beauty and glory of Christ. RFP Family of Podcasts.


21. Enduring Joy
Show Details26min 56s
20. The Young Baptist Showdown, Part 1
Show Details55min 2s
19. The Spiritual Disciplines
Show Details1hr 7min
18. Mountains, Molehills and Middle Ground: A Case for Theological Triage
Show Details1hr 8min
17. The Rise and Fall of Fundamentalism: An Interview with Dr. Matthew Lyon
Show Details1hr 17min
16. The Fundamentals
Show Details1hr 8min
15. Q&A
Show Details52min 12s
14. Separation Of Church And State
Show Details57min 13s
13. Interview with Jared Wilson
Show Details50min 48s
12. Two Offices
Show Details1hr 4min
11. Saved Membership
Show Details51min 8s
10. Josh Teis Interview
Show Details1hr 6min
9. Individual Soul Liberty
Show Details1hr 1min
8. Two Ordinances
Show Details54min 20s
7. Priesthood Of All Believers
Show Details50min 24s
6. Autonomy or Isolation - Interview with Kurt Skelly
Show Details57min 35s
5. Autonomy Of The Local Church
Show Details48min 28s
4. Biblical Authority Applied - Interview with Bryan Samms
Show Details56min 24s
3. Biblical Authority
Show Details41min 38s
2. The Gospel for the Christian - Interview with Cary Schmidt
Show Details1hr
1. The Gospel
Show Details38min 50s
0. Introduction
Show Details10min 17s