Clearbirth EP 37: Pain in Labor. What's the Purpose?

Season 2 | Episode 37
21m | Aug 16, 2023

Join your host Annette Perel, a doula for over 17 years, for The Clearbirth Podcast!

Broken up into segments that reflect the stages of pregnancy including, the First Trimester, Second Trimester, Third Trimester, Labor, and Postpartum, Annette discusses the purpose of pain while in labor.

But first, she switches it up for the first trimester and recognizes a mother who survived a harrowing experience once she had her baby. Samantha Blackwell had a successful labor, but after getting discharged she ended up back in the hospital in a medically induced coma. Annette details Samantha’s experience in this episode.

Next, Annette tells the story of a client who had an HBAC—a home birth after a C-section. Her client toughed it out at home and welcomed a baby with the help of pain and oxytocin. 

Tune in to hear how your host and doula supported her client and why she believes that we must change our perspective about pain in childbirth. 

Annette ends the episode with a review—one of her favorite things to read, and she thanks the listeners who are vibing with the show and sharing it with their people.


This podcast is all about demystifying all things pregnancy, birth, and beyond so that women know they have a choice and agency when it comes to their care and raising their children. It’s also a platform for listeners to voice their questions and tell their stories.

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