Clearbirth EP 33: Is Home Birth Right For Me?

Season 2 | Episode 4
39m | Jul 5, 2023

Join your host Annette Perel, a doula for over 17 years, for The Clearbirth Podcast!

Broken up into segments that reflect the stages of pregnancy including, the First Trimester, Second Trimester, Third Trimester, Labor, and Postpartum, Annette details the pros and cons of having a home birth.

But first, she takes the time to remember Nikita Washington, a Detroit mom of 12 who died shortly after giving birth. The maternal mortality rate for Black women and women of color is egregious, and before diving into every episode, Annette makes sure she acknowledges a mother gone too soon.

Later, she dispels common myths people have about birthing at home and shares intimate and funny insight into learning she was pregnant with her son and deciding, after being a doula for 4 years, to forgo having him inside of a hospital.

As the youngest of three, you would think Annette’s family would be used to her going against the grain, but even they were surprised and worried about her having a home birth.

But that’s all we’ll share for now. You’ll have to tune in to hear how her own birth went and to decide if home birth is right for you. 

Items Mentioned:

  • Nikita Washington's Go Fund Me:

This podcast is all about demystifying all things pregnancy, birth, and beyond so that women know they have a choice and agency when it comes to their care and raising their children. It’s also a platform for listeners to voice their questions and tell their stories.

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