Clearbirth EP 34: Why I Became a Doula & How You Can Become a Doula.

Season 2 | Episode 6
45m | Jul 19, 2023

Join your host Annette Perel, a doula for over 17 years, for The Clearbirth Podcast!

Broken up into segments that reflect the stages of pregnancy including, the First Trimester, Second Trimester, Third Trimester, Labor, and Postpartum, Annette details why she became a doula. 

But first, she takes the time to remember Marlise Nicole Muñoz, a mother gone too soon who died while 14 weeks pregnant. Marlise’s pregnancy and death sparked much conversation about women’s autonomy over their bodies and challenged the law in Texas, which states that pregnant women must receive life sustaining measures even if, in Marlise’s case, they are brain dead.

Later, Annette discusses what training as a doula was like, how it felt to (unexpectedly) catch her first baby, the different types of doulas—including death doulas, and her personal miscarriage experiences, IVF journey, and more. 

It’s an episode that will make you laugh out loud, pause, and reflect about all things life, death, birth, and babies. 

But that’s all we’ll share for now. You’ll have to tune in to hear how she realized she wanted to become a doula and what her math teacher said to her to make her realize the OBGYN route was not her path. 

This podcast is all about demystifying all things pregnancy, birth, and beyond so that women know they have a choice and agency when it comes to their care and raising their children. It’s also a platform for listeners to voice their questions and tell their stories.


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National Black Doulas Association

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