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Australian Taekwondo Talk - Meet the inspiring, fascinating and colourful characters from across the Australian Taekwondo Community in this personal, funny and moving interview series.


Ali Khalil - National Performance Pathway Lead
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Heather Garriock
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Adrian Hitch
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Sydney Olympic Commemoration Part 4 - Lauren Burns
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Sydney Olympic Commemoration Part 3 - Daniel Trenton
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Sydney Olympic Commemoration Part 2 - Lisa O’Keefe, Cynthia Moir (nee Cameron) and Tanya White
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Sydney Olympic Commemoration Part 1 - Carlo Massimino and Warren Hansen
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John Gradisar
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Sue Riley
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Janine Watson
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Nikky White
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Joe Pavic
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Dr Luke Del Vecchio
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Tony Paganella
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Master Paul Mitchell
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Kristy Hitchens
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Reba Stewart
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Darrel Sparke
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Amputee Athlete, Speaker, Community Advocate and Taekwondo Master Darrel Sparke shares his extraordinary life story

49min 29s
Published Apr 27, 2020 at 11:42pm