15 Minutes(ish) of Blame

Bi-weekly comedy podcast hosted by John Lee Taggart and Jonny Coyne - pub talk with a side order of passive aggressive fries. All views are not our own...ish.


Episode 43: Gentlemanners
Show Details14min 23s
Episode 42: Religious Nut
Show Details17min 45s
Episode 41: Murder - No Mystery
Show Details14min 22s
Episode 40: Billy 3 Chainz II
Show Details16min 48s
Episode 39: John's 30th
Show Details16min 16s
Episode 38: Humble Pie
Show Details12min 45s
Episode 37: River Poutine
Show Details17min 32s
Episode 36: Distinctive Definitions
Show Details16min 18s
Episode 35: Kissing the Coronavirus
Show Details21min 17s
Episode 34: Public Pooping
Show Details12min 9s
Episode 33: Troll Model
Show Details17min 2s
Episode 32: Live Laugh Love
Show Details16min 1s
Episode 31: Danny Devito Interview
Show Details19min 6s
Episode 30: "African" Scammer
Show Details27min 28s
Episode 29: Mysterious Note
Show Details18min 33s
Episode 28: Connexions Careers Class
Show Details19min 9s
Episode 27: Bro Science Fatness
Show Details16min 48s
Episode 26: Wuhan Dog Restaurant
Show Details16min 3s
Episode 25: Text Etiquette
Show Details15min 19s
Episode 24: Job Interview
Show Details19min 30s
Episode 23: Tin Foil Hats
Show Details15min 26s
Episode 22: Santa's Clause
Show Details16min 43s
Episode 21: Puddin' On
Show Details14min 5s
Episode 20: Time Lord
Show Details14min 32s
Episode 19: Horoscopes
Show Details16min 49s
Episode 18: The Karen Problem
Show Details15min 20s
Episode 17: Disgraced MP
Show Details18min 23s
Episode 16: False Positive
Show Details14min 47s
Episode 15: Lockdown Musical
Show Details17min 48s
Episode 14: Sponsored Episode
Show Details17min 30s
Episode 13: Uncle Scotty
Show Details17min 46s
Episode 12: Would You Rather?
Show Details19min 16s
Episode 11: Paedàe Fund
Show Details16min 21s
Episode 10: No Offence
Show Details22min 21s
Episode 9: Mr. COVID
Show Details15min 53s
Episode 8: Boot up the Arse
Show Details17min 23s
Episode 7: Movie Pitch
Show Details19min 49s
Episode 6: Father Times
Show Details22min 9s
Episode 5: New Glasses
Show Details13min 24s
Episode 4: Billy 3 Chainz
Show Details16min 14s
Episode 3: Dorito Intros
Show Details14min 8s
Episode 2: Cabin in the Woods
Show Details18min 3s
Episode 1: Pilot
Show Details23min 51s