Ep. 9 — Porn In Class and The 1st Time I Got High

57m | Jan 14, 2022

In this solocast episode Ben is out dealing with something pretty traumatizing while his house is an actual crime scene(no hyperbole here) so we’ll give him a break here. In the meanwhile, Joseph gets into detail about the humor to be found from a book about 9/11, rediscovering the cartoon Mission Hill, and he recounts the use of the anonymous app Yik Yak during his glory holes—sorry days in college and how he got his 15 minutes of fame by sleeping in class(yup, that's Joseph in the episode image from that very day! Picture taken by friend group 1 while sleeping in front of friend group 2).

Lastly he goes over pranks played at our college in general and finishes off with the story of the first time he got high

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