Ep. 17 — Keep Ukraine In Your Minds And Hearts

Season 2 | Episode 3
28m | Mar 11, 2022

I mainly talk about feelings of purposelessness here, my trip to Japan getting cancelled, my prospects for moving there next June and touch mysel—I mean touch on the topic of Ukraine.

Quick note: The U.S. imposing economic sanctions on Russia hurts Russian citizens when we should be sanctioning and seizing assets of the multimillionaire class in Russia and their oligarchs instead. Many companies like McDonalds and PepsiCo that ordinary Russians work for are now pulling out of Russia because they can’t transfer/wire back the money made from sales and business there(not because it’s a noble thing to pull out of the country that’s started a war). Russia has since moved to the Swift banking system meaning that we lost a big client over this war here and our not-so-great handling of things on our end but at least we haven’t sent in troops(…even though we’ve sent military equipment). Things are FUBAR over there and so let’s be glad we only have to worry about higher gas prices at the pump meanwhile people are losing everything they own in Ukraine if not their lives and that Russians are doing poorly, too with their economy close to collapsing

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