Ep. 10 — Ben Tells It All: The Bipolar Episode

Season 1 | Episode 10
56m | Jan 21, 2022

Ben recounts this past week, how bloody and trashed his roommate’s upstairs room is, how beaten and bruised his roommate and close friend was, and how he ultimately had to make the tough decision to remove her from the house.

This takes up most of the episode but towards the last 10ish minutes we do shoot the shit regarding Ben’s car group he’s joined, what happens if there wasn’t a Neutral between Drive and Reverse(spoiler: you just instantly appear in Heaven before you even know what killed you), cat allergies, pigeons are actually the best pets to have(don’t @me) and bottom line especially to the college-aged audience:

KNOW WHO YOUR ROOMMATES ARE AND WHAT THEY’RE CAPABLE OF. Make sure you all have deep mutual understandings of expectations and shared responsibilities.

And lastly, NEW EPISODES EVERY FRIDAY! Have a sick weekend, y’all!

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