Ep. 15 — Ben’s Leaving; Oh No!

Season 2 | Episode 1
11m | Feb 26, 2022

これから、一人でぽどキャストをしますーー多分.休止が出来ますも。。。もう 毎週の金曜日で長くないエピソードを試みられます(about 10 minutes).

Ben can now focus more on his life and I can better do my thing here or not and have an open position to fill.

So I dunno man. I may continue the podcast or I might just put it on hold until a best friend comes along who I have perfect comedic chemistry with and would ensure a successful podcast episode per episode. I’m still figuring things out

ALSO TRIED AUTHENTIC DEEP DISH PIZZA TODAY IN CHICAGO! Fucking rocked! Share with friends and family and new episodes likely still FRIDAYS

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