SE02 Ep5 - Nourish your mental health with the sound of music with Rob Stephenson

30m | Sep 29, 2023

After an unexpected break, I return with a fresh episode. I'm talking to Rob Stephenson about the relationship between music and mental health.

Rob, among others, is a DJ and uses house music to show the dynamics between the two. We had a great chat about music and how to use it to support our mental health and its benefits. He also drops a spoken word and an excellent tune (if you ask me) to show the power of music to uplift our spirits. 

TEDx Talk - What it means to be a good man

Due to music copyright, I can't play the spoken work tunes and banger Rob has recommended, but you can listen to them here.

ANNA - Let you in (for the spoken word)

Ugo Banchi - Dance with Ibiza (the closing tune)

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More about Rob, he is a leading voice in the world of mental health. He is the CEO of FormScore and the Founder of the InsideOut LeaderBoard. He's a TEDx Speaker, a mental health campaigner, a keynote speaker, and a facilitator.

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