All Things Elite

Social Suplex's podcast dedicated AEW discussion and analysis. Hosted by Floyd Johnson Jr., Amy Olyer, and Tiffany Castagna.


All Things Elite Episode 72: AEW figures arrive, Women’s Deadly Draw Tournament begins, AEW Dynamite 8/5/20 review, and preview of Tag Team Appreciation Night.
Show Details1hr 26min
All Things Elite Episode 71: New arrivals to AEW, rules of Women’s Deadly Draw Tournament, 7/29 AEW Dynamite review, 8/5 Dynamite preview, and Did Warhorse Rule Ass?
Show Details1hr 25min
All Things Elite Episode 70: Fight For The Fallen review with “The Youngboy” Josh Smith from Keepin IT Strong Style and preview of 7/22/20 Dynamite
Show Details1hr 40min
All Things Elite Episode 69: Fyter Fest Night 2 review and Fight for the Fallen preview with Jeremy Donovan of Keepin IT Strong Style
Show Details1hr 29min
All Things Elite Episode 68: Fyter Fest Night 1 review and Fyter Fest Night 2 preview with Jeremy Donovan of Keepin IT Strong Style
Show Details1hr 24min
All Things Elite Episode 67: Go Home Dynamite before Fyter Fest, BTE, Dark, and Preview of Fyter Fest Night 1
Show Details1hr 35min
All Things Elite Episode 66: New AEW signings, Dark Order recruiting new members, and the week in AEW TV.
Show Details1hr 20min
All Things Elite Episode 65: FTR’s in ring debut, Cody’s Open challenge continues, and Brian Cage introduces Mox to a car
Show Details1hr 22min
All Things Elite Episode 64: Fyter Fest dates confirmed, What’s with the black glove, Jericho calls out the baddest man on the planet and Cody bleeds for us.
Show Details50min 33s
All Things Elite Episode 63: Frankie is not having it on BTE, #FTR debuts, Who Can stop the Path of Cage?, and AEW Dark/Dynamite review w/ Austin S
Show Details1hr 2min
All Things Elite Double or Nothing Review: Double or Nothing review w/ Austin S
Show Details1hr 14min
All Things Elite Episode 62: Contest Winners announced, AEW Dynamite 5/20 review, and Double or Nothing preview w/ Tiffany and Amy
Show Details2hr 12min
All Things Elite Episode 61: Contest Update, Casino Ladder Match participants and rules, AEW Dark and Dynamite, Stadium Stampede, and the match card so far from Double or Nothing
Show Details1hr 58min
All Things Elite Episode 60: Amy and Live Dynamite is Back!, Double or Nothing contest announcement, BTE 202, Dark, and AEW safety precautions going forward.
Show Details1hr 15min
All Things Elite Episode 59: BTE 201, AEW Dark and Dynamite review, Will fans be allowed to be at Double or Nothing?
Show Details2hr 37min
All Things Elite Episode 58: BTE 200, AEW Dark and Dynamite preview, Cody gets his name back, and AEW’s TV taping schedule
Show Details1hr 39min
All Things Elite Episode 57: BTE 199, Double or Nothing in Vegas postponed, AEW Dark and Dynamite reviews, and WWE releases.
Show Details1hr 58min
All Things Elite Episode 56: Are the Revival headed to AEW? Would Cody be the right 1st TNT Champion? What do we have to look forward to in the future?
Show Details1hr 8min
All Things Elite Episode 55: AEW Dark and Dynamite review and TNT Championship predictions
Show Details1hr 27min
All Things Elite Episode 54: AEW Dark and Dynamite review and AEW/NJPW fantasy booking challenge
Show Details1hr 22min
All Things Elite Episode 53: AEW Dynamite from an empty arena in Jacksonville, new acquisitions, and Blood and Guts is postponed
Show Details2hr 4min
All Things Elite Episode 52: AEW Dynamite from Salt Lake City and the Coronavirus effects on AEW.
Show Details1hr 23min
All Things Elite Episode 51: All Elite Tiffany is back w/ Floyd to discuss her moment at AEW Dynamite in KC, our trip to Chicago, AEW Dynamite Denver, and the WON awards.
Show Details1hr 20min
All Things Elite Episode 50: 50th episode celebration with Floyd, Amy and special guests Jeremy Donovan and Rich Latta. Dynamite in Kansas City review and Revolution preview.
Show Details1hr 31min
All Things Elite Episode 49: New AEW Figures, Cody jumps off the cage, and Nyla Rose: Forever Champ?
Show Details1hr 23min
All Things Elite Episode 48: Was this the best episode of Dynamite ever?, Will Cody survive Atlanta? And will Floyd die live on the show?
Show Details48min 46s
All Things Elite Episode 47: Listener Review contest. Cody gets a whooping, Hangman hates tags, and the Doctor breaks her oath.
Show Details1hr 42min
All Things Elite Episode 46: How cool is the Hangman? Has Britt Baker finally found her voice? New Dynamite locations announced
Show Details1hr 42min
All Things Elite Episode 45: Bash at the Beach Pt 2 Review, AEW signing rumors and a whole lot more...
Show Details1hr 39min
All Things Elite Episode 44: BTE, AEW Dark, and the 1/8/20 episode of AEW Dynamite review
Show Details2hr 2min
All Things Elite Episode 43: AEW Dynamite Homecoming, Ratings, and AEW based Wrestle Kingdom 14 preview w/ Jeremy Donovan
Show Details2hr 28min
AEW news and Q&A contest winner w/ All Elite Tiffany
Show Details1hr 28min
Another Chicago sell out, Dynamite Review, TV ratings, and 2020 Outlook
Show Details1hr 44min
New Acquisitions,Review of BTE and AEW Dark, Dynamite from Dallas review, and the next AEW PPV announced
Show Details1hr 49min
All Elite Tiffany is back to review BTE/Dark/Dynamite. Interview with Rap Artist Monteasy joined One Nation Radio's Rich Latta
Show Details2hr 28min
Happy Birthday Tiffany. Recap of Being The Elite and reviews of AEW Dark and Dynamite. Hide Details
Show Details1hr 8min
A day by day look at the week in AEW and a preview of AEW Dynamite Chicago Hide
Show Details1hr 37min
Floyd's quick thoughts on Full Gear. Dynamite review and preview w/ One Nation Radio's James Boyd Hide Details
Show Details2hr 14min
World Title Stipulation announced, Dynamite and Dark reviews, Starrcast/Full Gear Giveaway update.
Show Details1hr 56min
Full Gear/Starrcast 4 Giveway. Review of AEW Dark and Dynamite.
Show Details1hr 14min
AEW Dark/Dynamite review w/ One Nation Radio’s James Boyd
Show Details2hr 3min
AEW wins the Ratings War again. Dynamite Ep 2 review and Ep 3 preview w/ Amy O
Show Details1hr 47min
AEW Dynamite review w/ James Boyd. Ratings fall out going forward
Show Details2hr 11min
AEW Dynamite preview and 30th episode Supershow
Show Details2hr 37min
AEW TV gets a name, MJF vs DnD, and recaps of BTE and Road to TNT
Show Details1hr 23min
Starrcast 3 experience and All Out Review Part 1 w/Amy and Full Gear news.
Show Details2hr 18min
Moxley injured for All Out, NXT moves to USA, Starrcast 3 preview, and Giveaway winner announced.
Show Details1hr 29min
Double Sellout, Brandi drops a killer promo, and new match announcements.
Show Details1hr 59min
New locations for TV announced, Triplemania, and Recaps of both BTE and Road to All Out.
Show Details1hr 38min
Another AEW Sellout with co host Tiffany
Show Details1hr 52min
TV date and location announced, new All Out matches, and BTE/Road to recaps
Show Details1hr 41min
Fight for the Fallen Review
Show Details2hr 11min
Recaps of BTE and Road to Fight for the Fallen Episode 2. Short preview of Fight for the Fallen.
Show Details41min 9s
AEW’s Fyter Fest Review and we answer listener questions.
Show Details1hr 44min
FyterFest preview, Tony Khan’s interview with Steve Austin, and recaps of BTE and Road to FyterFest.
Show Details1hr 54min
All Out sells out , Fyter Fest free on BR Live and new matches added to both shows.
Show Details1hr 29min
GIVEAWAY WINNER!!!, Moxley, Starrcast 2 experience, Floyd and Amy meetup, Amy’s Double or Nothing experience
Show Details1hr 54min
AEW’s TV deal, Double or Nothing PPV and price and preview, BTE recap, and preview of our trip to Starrcast in Las Vegas
Show Details1hr 43min
AEW TV deal, DoN UK PPV deal, and preview of Starrcast events at the Tuscany
Show Details1hr 32min
The Starrcast Experience, Cody’s response to Dustin, Jon Moxley drops a video, and Recap of BTE
Show Details1hr 34min
CIMA signing, Fyterfest and Fight for the Fallen matches announced, and rumors of the pending AEW TV deal
Show Details1hr 13min
The AEW announce team, newest signings, Fyterfest, and Reviews of BTE and Double or Nothing
Show Details2hr 6min
C2E2, Kenny Omega Documentary, and reviews of BTE and Road to Double or Nothing
Show Details1hr 31min
AEW at AAA Rey de Reyes, BTE and Road to Double or Nothing review, AEW’s new signing, and get to know Elite fan Sydney
Show Details1hr 31min
Giveaway winners announced, BTE/Road to Double or Nothing recap, and Interview with Kenny Omega Superfan Issa
Show Details1hr 46min
Twitter Giveaway Update, BTE/Road to All or Nothing recap, and answering listener questions
Show Details1hr 38min
New Twitter Giveaway announced, Recap of BTE and Road to Double or Nothing, and Interview with Cody Superfan Tiffany
Show Details1hr 56min
This week on Being The Elite and Road to Double or Nothing plus news and notes
Show Details1hr 39min
Twitter Giveaway #2, Double or Nothing sells out, and Starrcast 2 news
Show Details1hr 43min
First Twitter Giveaway, Ticket Announcement Party, and Starrcast Info.
Show Details1hr 23min
New Signings, Rumors, and Twitter Giveaway
Show Details40min 35s
Welcome to The Superkick Party
Show Details1hr 8min