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Action on Sepsis Podcast

UBC's Action on Sepsis Podcast is a patient-led podcast series focused on telling the whole journey of Sepsis from the perspective of the patient, along with input from healthcare workers, researchers, and other individuals advocating for improved sepsis care nationally and globally. The focus of our podcast is to showcase a diverse collection of stories and share knowledge from research and clinical fields to support learning from these stories so that we can help protect yourself and loved ones.

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Series 2, Episode 2 - Dr. John Boyd - Effects of Sepsis
Show Details39min 30s
Series 2, Episode 3 - Andy An - Post-Sepsis Syndrome
Show Details28min 7s
Series 2, Episode 1 - Kristin MacDonald - Sepsis After Surgery
Show Details43min 55s
Series 1, Episode 4 - Dr. Marianne Vidler - Research and Prevention of Sepsis
Show Details29min 56s
Series 1, Episode 3 - Dr. Liisa Holsti - Caring for Neonates with Sepsis
Show Details20min 14s
Series 1, Episode 2 - Dr. Pascal Lavoie - What is Sepsis?
Show Details22min 51s
Series 1, Episode 1 - Kristine's Story - Living with Sepsis
Hide Details30min 11s

In this, the first of 4 episodes in this series, you will meet your host, Kristine Russell, sepsis survivor and parent of a neonatal sepsis survivor who will introduce our podcast as well as share her experience with sepsis.

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30min 11s
Published Jan 21, 2022 at 5:15am