Ep. 13: "Setting your Brand Foundations in Place + Building an Agency", Leonard Grape, Owner of The Vineyard and Happy Copy

55m | Dec 18, 2023

In this episode of the Product & Packaging Powerhouse podcast, Leonard Grape, a brand strategist and founder of The Vineyard, shares valuable insights on building and growing an agency. Leonard discusses his journey and mistakes, emphasizing the importance of understanding audience, positioning, and design. He also delved into the significance of strong business acumen, consistency in branding, and effective packaging design. The episode highlights the need for a solid brand foundation, the evolving trends in the market, and the rise of social commerce. Overall, it offers valuable advice and lessons for entrepreneurs and marketers in the product and packaging space, including his 4 Quadrants to Brand Building Framework.

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Episode Quotes & Hooks:

  • The Importance of Positioning in Brand Development: "The 2nd quadrant is very important if brands want to stand out. Positioning is where we take a look at and develop what's gonna be your value proposition statement, what's the value that you're really offering, and how should that be connected with the people's problems or needs."— Leonard Grape [00:30:21 → 00:30:37]
  • Designing a Brand Identity: "I tell my clients and even the market that if you get someone who's gonna work with you and immediately offer you to design something without doing a lot of the strategic work that needs to go through everything else." — Leonard Grape [00:30:41 → 00:31:39]
  • The Importance of Brand Foundations: "While emerging trends are gonna be so important, you wanna make sure that your brand foundation in terms of your principles are really, really set in stone."— Leonard Grape [00:38:53 → 00:38:58]

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