Ep. 22- "The Circular Economy in Packaging: Local Challenges and Global Collaboration" Julia Willsie, Senior Sales Executive with Mill Rock Packaging

47m | Apr 29, 2024

In this episode of Product & Packaging Powerhouse, host Megan Young Gamble interviews Julia Willsie, Senior Sales Executive with Mill Rock Packaging. Julia Willsie discusses the importance of regional innovation in packaging and the circular economy, emphasizing the need for sustainable and intentional design. The conversation touches on recycling challenges, regulations, and the broader impact of sustainable packaging practices. Megan Young Gamble and Julia Willsie stress the importance of collaboration and continuous learning to drive effective packaging solutions that reduce waste and carbon emissions.

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Episode Quotes:

  1. And by bringing the right people together to talk about the concerns, that's when true change can happen.
  2. Reducing Packaging Waste: I think the reason why the 3 prongs of recycling are reduce, reuse, and recycle is because reduce is most important. So what I recommend to brands is talk to professionals like you, Megan, to packaging engineers, and figure out how to best reduce their current packaging.
  3. Innovative Solutions in Corrugated Packaging: The way to be more innovative is to understand the local resources available and then utilizing technologies and materials, whether you're North America, Europe, or Asia.
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