• Ep. 26 - “Sustainability and Cost-Effective Measures in Packaging and Product Development" - ​Michael Houston​, Packaging Sustainability Consultant and Entrepreneur

    In this episode of "Product & Packaging Powerhouse," host Megan Young Gamble and Guest Michael Houston, a packaging sustainability consultant and creator of the Shower Pouch, discuss sustainable packaging, emphasizing the importance of durable and recyclable materials. He discusses the circular economy, consumer education, and the need for brands to prioritize sustainability over greenwashing. Further insights on industry challenges, California vs. Georgia recycling infrastructure, and the shift towards intentional sustainability efforts were shared. The conversation highlights the importance of data-driven sustainability practices and a collective commitment to reducing environmental impact for a zero waste, zero carbon future.

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    Read about CFR 21 : https://www.fda.gov/medical-devices/medical-device-databases/code-federal-regulations-title-21-food-and-drugs#:~:text=The%20Code%20of%20Federal%20Regulations,the%20Food%20and%20Drug%20Administration.

    Episode Quotes:

    1. Implement recycled resins and durable components in packaging to boost sustainability efforts and reduce environmental impact.
    2. Educate consumers on sustainability initiatives to foster awareness and a commitment to eco-friendly practices.
    3.  Strive towards a circular economy mindset by designing products for durability, recyclability, and minimal end-of-life impact.
    4. If you are a packaging engineer, you should present many options to your business and obviously provide a strong technical rationale and reason to believe why you should go down a certain path.
    5. Reducing Environmental Impact of Packaging: Could it be compostable structures? And I'm a fan of looking at compostable materials, especially if it could be, you know, backyard compostable versus, you know, compostable at a manufacturing facility where you have to control certain environmental factors.
    6. Sustainable Living: Just educating yourself, understanding, supporting brands that use sustainability as a strong pillar for development and innovation.
    7. Reducing Material Waste: How can I provide the consumer experience and the delight that the consumer needs with the least amount of material possible?
    55m - Jul 8, 2024
  • Ep. 25 - "Future of Logistics: OmniChannel Strategies & Benefits Importing through Canada" Roxann Sinclair and Amanda Martyniuk, eShipper

    In this episode of "Product & Packaging Powerhouse," host Megan Young Gamble discusses various aspects of logistics, e-commerce, and customer experience with guests Roxann Sinclair and Amanda Martyniuk from eShipper. They cover topics such as the impact of Amazon Logistics in Canada, integrating the online and in-store shopping experience, personalized marketing, and the intersection of products, packaging, and logistics. The conversation also touches on targeting customer avatars, unboxing experiences, and the influence of freight audits, and strategic partnerships. The guests provide valuable insights on the importance of providing a seamless customer journey and adapting to evolving omnichannel marketing trends. Amanda also highlights the impact of tariff changes on North American supply chains and the benefits of leveraging eShipper's services. 

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    Roxann Sinclair 

    Amanda Martynuik

    Schedule your FREE assessment amanda@eshipper.com

    Episode Quotes:

    1. eShipper is essentially your Expedia of shipping.
    2. The future of supply chain management: It's a very exciting time to be in this industry. There's lots of changes that are happening.
    3. The Importance of Customer Experience for Online Businesses: That delivery experience is really what can make or break that customer their final impression of you as a business. And often it's the logistics that can either make a customer very happy or write a terrible review.
    4. When you can save a customer 10% on their shipping and then you can get them another 10% back on their customs, that is net net profit.
    5. The Future of E-commerce: I think what we're seeing is kind of a shift into owning more of your own catalog on your own Shopify, Commerce, whatever website that you have and having less on Amazon.
    6. Traffic is fantastic but if you're not converting that traffic into an actual shopping cart checkout, you haven't even converted that sale. You don't have revenue in your pocket.
    1h 0m - Jun 24, 2024
  • Ep. 24 - "Empowering Women in the World of Packaging + Benefits of IOPP" Jane Chase, Executive Director, IoPP

    In this episode of "Product & Packaging Powerhouse," host Megan Young Gamble and Powerhouse Guest, Jane Chase discuss the importance of packaging and its impact on the industry. Jane, Executive director of Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP), discusses  the crucial role of packaging, and the benefits of IoPP membership, including networking, mentorship, and staying updated with industry regulations. They also talk about women in packaging, leadership, sustainability, and opportunities for students in the packaging industry. Jane's background in mechanical engineering and her leadership experiences across various top companies highlight the episode, offering valuable lessons in professional growth and industry impact.

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    Episode Quotes:

    • You cannot fix the quality, if you cannot understand their process.
    • Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.
    • In quality, it was either good or bad. You had to figure out what to do with it. I figured I'd go into operations, never do anything bad, save the world, and figure out really quickly if you didn't have good R&D upfront, you were pretty much scorned from the get go.
    • Gender Bias is in the Professional Settings.
    • The biggest thing is finding like minded women that are already in the industry and using them as inspiration. Network. Get out there.
    • Sustainability in Packaging: It covers everything from different ways of recycling to EPR to all of those different things around California plastic waste, greenwashing, and some of the labeling bills that are out there.
    45m - Jun 11, 2024
  • Ep. 23- "Packaging Design, Influence, & Integrity" Vicki Strull, Founder, Vicki Strull Design

    In this episode of Product & Packaging Powerhouse, Megan interviews Vicki Strull, a packaging and design consultant with over 25 years of experience. Vicki discusses her career journey and expertise in print and digital design in the packaging world. They discuss the evolution of technology in packaging and misconceptions about packaging design. Vicki emphasizes the importance of integrity in branding and the impact of business terminology on design. The episode also highlights "shady packaging" and insights on the subconscious impact of touch on shoppers' behavior. The conversation underscores the need for intentional design and creativity to inspire, as well as the importance of understanding business jargon in creative professions.

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    Episode Quotes:

    • I think that one of their misconceptions is that more on a primary display label is better.
    • Deceptive Packaging: There's something shady about that because I'm thinking I'm getting more than I'm getting because visually I am.
    • The Importance of Brand Purpose: So if they're not in it, you have to and we live our lives this way as well. You know, we have our own core purposes. I also think brands have core purposes.
    36m - May 13, 2024
  • Ep. 22- "The Circular Economy in Packaging: Local Challenges and Global Collaboration" Julia Willsie, Senior Sales Executive with Mill Rock Packaging

    In this episode of Product & Packaging Powerhouse, host Megan Young Gamble interviews Julia Willsie, Senior Sales Executive with Mill Rock Packaging. Julia Willsie discusses the importance of regional innovation in packaging and the circular economy, emphasizing the need for sustainable and intentional design. The conversation touches on recycling challenges, regulations, and the broader impact of sustainable packaging practices. Megan Young Gamble and Julia Willsie stress the importance of collaboration and continuous learning to drive effective packaging solutions that reduce waste and carbon emissions.

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    Episode Quotes:

    1. And by bringing the right people together to talk about the concerns, that's when true change can happen.
    2. Reducing Packaging Waste: I think the reason why the 3 prongs of recycling are reduce, reuse, and recycle is because reduce is most important. So what I recommend to brands is talk to professionals like you, Megan, to packaging engineers, and figure out how to best reduce their current packaging.
    3. Innovative Solutions in Corrugated Packaging: The way to be more innovative is to understand the local resources available and then utilizing technologies and materials, whether you're North America, Europe, or Asia.
    47m - Apr 29, 2024
  • Ep. 21 - “Creating a Sustainable Skincare Collection" Carolina Lopez, Founder & CEO of BEJOU Skincare

    In this episode of Product and Packaging Powerhouse, Megan Young Gamble interviews Carolina Lopez, CEO and founder of BEJOU Skincare. Carolina shares her inspiring journey from engineering to clean beauty entrepreneurship, emphasizing sustainability, mental wellness, and overcoming challenges with manufacturers. They discuss the importance of reducing environmental impact and consumer confusion around sustainability and clean beauty. Carolina's brand, BEJOU, focuses on holistic wellness and personal growth, embracing the slogan "believably you.

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    Episode Quotes:

    1. Sustainability and Environmental Impact: Sustainability is at the core of our brand. Right? And for me, because I think it's important to define what sustainability is and what it means and, obviously, having a background in engineering, it's reducing, reusing, recycling, and recovering the resources to minimize our environmental impact.
    2. Sustainability and Eco-friendly Practices: What certifications do the manufacturer have, and what type of processes are they using to be able to not only just with creating the raw materials or the formulations, but also the packaging. What are they using? Because, right, we also have to take that into account.
    3. Becoming a Well-Rounded Entrepreneur: Remember that during the 1st couple of years, you're gonna be handling all these aspects of your business initially, all yourself. So invest time in developing diverse skill sets to avoid being a wannapreneur.
    4. Beauty Industry Sustainability: You wanna give the best to your consumers, but, really, what does data actually tell you? Are they actually saying and acting on what they're saying, or is this, kind of, like, not really hand in hand and they have to meet at some point?
    57m - Apr 15, 2024
  • Ep. 20-"Moment of Transparency: Biz Lessons Starting the Podcast" with Megan Young Gamble, PMP®, Chief Project Officer @ GLC

    Did you know most new podcasts do not make it past episode 3?

    Well, we made it to EPISODE 20...and more to come!!

    In this episode, Host Megan Young Gamble, PMP® shares starting the podcast, lessons learned and tapping into the "Mamba Mentality".

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    31m - Apr 2, 2024
  • Ep. 19 - “The Power of Brand Value & Resilience in Procurement” - Rachel Hassall, VP of Procurement @ Harvest Hill Beverage

    In this episode of Product and Packaging Powerhouse, Megan Young Gamble interviews Rachel Hassall, VP of Procurement at Harvest Hill Beverage Company. Rachel emphasizes the importance of sustainability, regulations, and resilience in procurement. She shares her career journey and insights on building relationships with vendors, aligning sustainability goals, and prioritizing needs in negotiations. Megan Young Gamble highlights the significance of value and partnerships with vendors and suppliers. Rachel encourages saying yes to new opportunities and staying open and emphasizes clear communication of sustainability initiatives to consumers.

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    Episode Quotes:

    • Be descriptive instead of prescriptive.
    • Building Resilience in Procurement: Resiliency for sure in procurement is the number one thing that people don't value enough or aren't very good at associating dollar values with, because you always, when you're, it all comes back to those dollar signs. So you need to be able to quantify what that resilience can supply you and there's really good ways to do that.
    • Packaging and Value: It's really about what is going to drive value for your business and your consumers.
    • Sustainability in Business: The number one thing in order for your business to succeed and then for your vendors to succeed is to actually know what you want.
    • Ruthless Prioritization in Product Launches: If everything is important, nothing's important, right? And I'm a ruthless Prioritize or like kind of it in life in general, but, if everything is important with your product that you're trying to produce, actually nothing nothing is important and you're gonna find lots of gaps along the way.
    48m - Mar 18, 2024
  • Ep. 18 - "MoCRA, Misconceptions and Regulatory Risk" - Ariana Farina, Regulatory Consultant @ Ariana Farina

    In this episode of Product & Packaging Powerhouse, Megan Young Gamble interviews regulatory specialist, Ariana Farina. They discuss FDA regulations, compliance requirements, and the impact of MoCRA in the beauty and cosmetic industry. They emphasize the significance of regulatory specialists in ensuring product safety, SOPs, and compliance. They also touch on state regulations, risk assessment, and the challenges of staying on top of industry regulations. Ariana stresses the need for early preparation and engaging regulatory experts for small businesses.

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    Episode Quotes:

    • Navigating Labeling Compliance and Product Ingredient Safety: It's better to start now because there's other stuff coming up. This isn't the only stuff.
    • Safer Consumer Products: A lot of people were afraid of this regulation at first because they were thinking, oh, consumers are gonna look at this and go, Oh my gosh. We don’t understand this.
    • Navigating Regulatory Compliance: I try to tackle things that people don't know what to ask. They know they want to be compliant. They want to do the right thing, but they just don't know how.
    • Quality Management in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: So they should understand how these are written, how these are put together, or work with somebody that does.
    1h 2m - Mar 4, 2024
  • Ep. 17- [SOLO] "Highlights of New Products and Beauty Projected Growth in 2024"-Megan Young Gamble, PMP®, Host and Owner of GLC

    In this solo episode of Product and Packaging Powerhouse, host Megan Young Gamble, discusses recent industry news in the beauty and packaging sectors. She highlights new product launches from brands like Shea Moisture, SKKN by Kim, and Makeup Revolution. She also shares important project management considerations related to product development and packaging. Additionally, she shares insights from a report by Circana about the growth points in the prestige beauty sector for 2024. 

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    22m - Feb 26, 2024
  • Ep. 16-[SOLO] "New Trends and Insights for 2024"-Megan Young Gamble, PMP®, Host and Owner of GLC

    In this solo episode of Product and Packaging Powerhouse, host Megan Young Gamble, recaps the key events of 2023 and outlines trends for 2024 in the beauty and packaging industry. She shares regulatory changes, including MoCRA and packaging EPR laws, emphasizing the need for compliance and sustainability. Megan discusses how AI in beauty is being utilized, consumer trends, and the key aspects within the prestige beauty category." She highlights the importance of understanding state regulations, infrastructure for recycling, and invites industry professionals to share their knowledge on the show.

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    Pantone Color of the year 2024 https://www.pantone.com/color-of-the-year/2024

    38m - Feb 12, 2024
  • Ep. 15- "Packaging Sustainability to Professional Networking" - Brad Levin, Senior Sustainability and Sales Manager at Millennium Group

    In this episode, Brad Levin, a packaging professional, joins host Megan Young Gamble to discuss sustainability, packaging challenges, and networking in the industry. They highlight the importance of sustainable packaging, the impact of economic crises on professionals, and the need for a holistic approach to sustainability. Brad shares experiences from his career and emphasizes the value of networking and finding a niche in the packaging industry while encouraging listeners to take action towards sustainability. The episode also covers the significance of sustainable operations, global initiatives, and the profitability of direct-to-consumer marketing.

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    Episode Quotes:

    • The Challenge of Sustainable Branding: Whatever step you're taking is better than not taking a step at all.
    • The Power of Networking: It's not who you're talking to. It's who you're talking to knows.
    • The Challenge of Sustainable Branding: Whatever step you're taking is better than not taking a step at all.
    • The Future of Sustainability: I think going forward, you're gonna see this grow in pretty much any industry that's out there. So just because, you know, it's not something that you can touch or feel doesn't mean you're not making a positive effect on the problem.
    47m - Jan 29, 2024
  • Ep. 14-Sandra Piptropia "Importance of Compelling Beauty Marketing Campaigns & Balancing Entrepreneurship with myCurlID

    In this episode, Sandra Pitropia discusses the importance of marketing for compelling campaigns and balancing entrepreneurship. She highlights the challenges of sustainability in packaging and operations, the evolution of diversity and representation in the beauty industry, and the need for larger corporations to capture firsthand consumer data. Sandra also shares insights on the balance between speed, trendiness, consumer demand, and sustainability in the beauty industry, as well as the challenges and opportunities of international expansion. Overall, the episode touches on various aspects of marketing and entrepreneurship in the cosmetic industry.

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    Episode Quotes:

    • "The Impact of Small Brands on Larger Companies: The speed at which brands are being launched and products are being put in the market is quite fascinating. The fact that senior leadership is now analyzing small starting brands that nobody would have been concerned about 20 years ago shows the impact these brands have on the strategy of larger companies."
    • Speed to Market Challenges in a Larger Organization: "Yeah. I mean, as you said, like, speed to market in larger organizations is, is a challenge because there are so many processes that have been established, for a very good reason to maintain quality."
    • The Importance of Authenticity in Addressing Diversity and Representation: "If it's not part of the story, let's not do that because it's getting to a point where addressing diversity and representation is becoming very, very challenging for brands to do it authentically, and I feel like they're sometimes struggling to understand what authentic actually means. And Mhmm. It's actually not that hard. It's really not that hard."
    1h 5m - Jan 16, 2024
  • Ep. 13: "Setting your Brand Foundations in Place + Building an Agency", Leonard Grape, Owner of The Vineyard and Happy Copy

    In this episode of the Product & Packaging Powerhouse podcast, Leonard Grape, a brand strategist and founder of The Vineyard, shares valuable insights on building and growing an agency. Leonard discusses his journey and mistakes, emphasizing the importance of understanding audience, positioning, and design. He also delved into the significance of strong business acumen, consistency in branding, and effective packaging design. The episode highlights the need for a solid brand foundation, the evolving trends in the market, and the rise of social commerce. Overall, it offers valuable advice and lessons for entrepreneurs and marketers in the product and packaging space, including his 4 Quadrants to Brand Building Framework.

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    Episode Quotes & Hooks:

    • The Importance of Positioning in Brand Development: "The 2nd quadrant is very important if brands want to stand out. Positioning is where we take a look at and develop what's gonna be your value proposition statement, what's the value that you're really offering, and how should that be connected with the people's problems or needs."— Leonard Grape [00:30:21 → 00:30:37]
    • Designing a Brand Identity: "I tell my clients and even the market that if you get someone who's gonna work with you and immediately offer you to design something without doing a lot of the strategic work that needs to go through everything else." — Leonard Grape [00:30:41 → 00:31:39]
    • The Importance of Brand Foundations: "While emerging trends are gonna be so important, you wanna make sure that your brand foundation in terms of your principles are really, really set in stone."— Leonard Grape [00:38:53 → 00:38:58]

    55m - Dec 18, 2023
  • Ep. 12: "Life of Packaging Artwork Manager"-Christina Troutman, Senior Project Manager @ Veritiv Corporation

    In this episode of the "Product & Packaging Powerhouse" podcast, host Megan Young Gamble interviews Christina Troutman, a packaging artwork manager. Christina discusses the challenges of the role, the importance of communication, and the need for diversity in the packaging industry. Christina shares insights from her career journey and offers advice on navigating the industry. The episode emphasizes the need for knowledge, transparency, and proactive communication to succeed in managing packaging projects.

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    [Christina Troutman LINKS]

    Quotes & Hooks

    Finding Direction in Life: "Just go in a direction. Just go in one direction, and you'll figure out along the way if it's the right path or not."— Christina Troutman [00:07:40 → 00:07:47]

    The Balancing Act of Meeting Deadlines: "It's very much almost overly about communicating how you have to balance that." — Christina Troutman [00:16:53 → 00:17:00]

    Finding Success in a Competitive Industry: "Read your read your own packaging stuff. Like, read the back of your, you know, beauty products, the back of your cleaning products, you know, start feeling and touching, you know, the things that you get, start feeling and touching, cutting up your Amazon box to see if you can look through and see the fibers of the corrugate and and, you know, Google, what's what makes this, you know, what com what encompasses this packaging. So just start, like I said, get on your Zoom every day at 10, and just start doing your research and show yourself some grace." — Christina Troutman [00:43:03 → 00:43:36]

    44m - Dec 11, 2023
  • Ep. 11: "Holistic Beauty Marketing -Tara Paton, Founder TP&Co. Marketing Strategy & Research firm

    In this episode, marketing executive Tara Paton discusses the power of holistic marketing strategies through personalized messaging, market research, and building relationships with customers in the beauty industry. During the conversation, Tara emphasizes the importance of effective packaging, clear target audience, and omnichannel presence that has positive Return on Investment (ROI). She touches on “surprise and delight” marketing approach, thoughts on the metaverse, and the complex nature of sustainability. The episode concludes with a focus on customer acquisition, loyalty programs, and setting long-term goals for success in the competitive market.

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    Quotes and Hooks:  

    Marketing Strategy in the Beauty Industry: "We help them identify growth opportunities. We optimize marketing performance. And ensure that they are doing this all from the standpoint of digging into their customer insights." — Tara Paton [00:01:43 → 00:01:53]

    Holistic Marketing Strategies: "Depending on where you wanna go, you are going to build your strategy for your company and for your marketing to fit whatever that angle is. That's the most important thing."— Tara Paton [00:03:23 → 00:03:33]

    Building Customer Loyalty: "You wanna make sure that they are actually becoming a loyal customer purchasing with you over time. That you're actually able to improve your customer lifetime value with them, right, so how much they're spending over that period of time and how valuable they are to you."— Tara Paton [00:06:12 → 00:06:26]

    Offline Marketing Strategies: "You learn who your customers are. You learn who people are by talking to them and build relationships." — Tara Paton [00:09:44 → 00:11:44]

    The Shift in Beauty Industry Sales: "For the first time ever, retail growth rate is growing faster than the ecommerce growth rate."— Tara Paton [00:14:40 → 00:14:46]

    Innovative Retail Strategies: "When you think about it from the perspective of I wanna get in a retail or I'm in retail to offer my customer's options, right, that's what omnichannel is about. Options, and being having a presence everywhere so that your customers, no matter where they are, they're never out of stock of their favorite, sunscreen, or they're never out of stock, or they don't have to worry about, ordering online and, you know, waiting for shipping for 2 days to get their favorite lip gloss. They can pop into target CVS wherever and pick it up."— Tara Paton [00:19:59 → 00:20:29]

    How to Build Partnerships with Store Associates in Retail: "One of the things that I think is important, especially if your products are in retail, is to build some level of partnership with the store associates...they're the ones that are going to sell you on a product."— Tara Paton [00:24:55 → 00:25:01]

    The Future of the Metaverse: "I don't know that the universe within these virtual spaces is large enough yet to really provide an ROI that makes sense, but I do understand why these larger companies are entering first because they wanna sort of have that first mover advantage."— Tara Paton [00:31:31 → 00:31:52]

    The Misuse of Sustainability: "I think it's a misused term. I don't know that we need to stop using it. I think that... there are some folks that are using it appropriately that I think need to educate more on it." — Tara Paton [00:37:11 → 00:37:19]

    You don’t have to be everywhere: “You can grow a brand that is valued at millions and millions of dollars without being everywhere and without doing everything, without having a celebrity influencer without having influencers at all."— Tara Paton [00:40:29 → 00:40:45]

    43m - Nov 26, 2023
  • Ep. 10: [SOLO] Transition into Beauty Project Management: Insight on Salary and Skillset, Megan Young Gamble

    In this episode of "Product & Packaging Powerhouse," Megan Young Gamble, a global project manager in the beauty industry, shares insights on project management salaries and transitioning into the field. Megan emphasizes the importance of networking, making connections, and being open and flexible. Megan discusses salary ranges for project managers and offers a comprehensive report on salaries in different countries. Megan also highlights the transferable skills of project management and provides resources for professionals interested in the field. Overall, Megan shares her personal journey and passion for project management, while offering valuable advice for those looking to pursue a career in the beauty industry.

    Powerhouse Megan Young Gamble Links

    Follow and Connect with Megan on LinkedIn

    Project Management: "Project management is bae, It is. We have a really good relationship."

    — Megan Young Gamble [00:01:39 → 00:01:44]

    "Project Management Training Programs and Recommendations": "I have some really great project management training programs such as MindSpark, women project management, Black and Brown project management, and other professionals. I will help connect you, k, because you need a project manager in your life and in your company, period. K?"

    — Megan Young Gamble [00:03:21 → 00:03:38]

    "Insights from Project Management's Salary Survey, the 12th edition: They surveyed countless people within different countries and positions to see where salaries netted out based on different percentiles."

    — Megan Young Gamble [00:06:58 → 00:07:00]

    Salaries in Different Countries: "If you have a country in mind that you wanna look at the salaries, or if you're thinking about pitching to organizations within those countries, this would give you some great insight and also help with expectations from a salary standpoint as well if you're thinking about pitching into these other companies, looking to move to these other countries, etcetera."

    — Megan Young Gamble [00:07:48 → 00:08:03]

    "Salary Based upon Industry: 'Within food and beverage, because I've worked on some engagements that are in the food and beverage space, for packaging. And so, for their salary range, it's between 84,000 to 134,000 per year.'"

    — Megan Young Gamble [00:13:13 → 00:14:19]

    Transitioning into Project Management: "If you understand the framework, it is very flexible, you're very adaptable, and you can really utilize the same framework in the same processes across all different sectors of the business. So that's what I love about project management."

    — Megan Young Gamble [00:27:59 → 00:28:14]

    The Importance of Intentional Networking:: "Having those intentional conversations and being intentional about it, don't think that you could sit there and pick somebody's brain for 15 minutes, and you ain't gonna do no follow-up. If you're not gonna be about it, and take forth action and let those gems help you with cultivating it and understanding how to get into this industry. Please don't waste people's time."

    — Megan Young Gamble [00:31:47 → 00:31:53]

    The Many Facets of Project Management: "Project management was all that I was thinking of, but I did not realize that I was doing product management, excuse me, product development management. I didn't realize I was doing packaging management, packaging artwork management because that's a whole specialty in itself. Doing some quality management, supply chain management, and project management utilizes it across all of those sectors that I just mentioned."

    — Megan Young Gamble [00:33:50 → 00:34:02]

    "Be open, flexible, and adaptable, and you will ultimately get to that destination at the end of the day."

    — Megan Young Gamble [00:37:29 → 00:37:35]

    36m - Nov 2, 2023
  • Ep. 9: The Power of Sustainable Packaging-Cory Connors “Corygated(R)”, Director of Sustainable Packaging @ Orora Packaging Solutions, Host of Sustainable Packaging Podcast

    In this episode, Cory Connors, infamously known as Corygated®, shares his “detour to destination” journey into the world of packaging. Now, in the industry for over 25 years, Cory shares the power of sustainable packaging ranging from insights, trends, and new regulations in the pipeline. With everyone on the train toward sustainable packaging, Cory emphasizes the importance of focus groups, offers recommendations for Indie startup brands with budget constraints, and stresses the importance of understanding different perspectives in the global packaging industry. Cory is also the Host of Sustainable Packaging Podcast and shares insight on what it takes to start and grow a podcast in a niche industry, and the phenomenal leaders he’s had the opportunity to interview to share all things sustainability and packaging.

    Host Megan Young Gamble Links:

    Listen to Megan discuss “Is Beauty Packaging Sustainable? ” on Sustainable Packaging Podcast

    Powerhouse Cory “Corygated®” Connors Links:

    Listen to Megan discuss “Is Beauty Packaging Sustainable? ” on Sustainable Packaging Podcast

    "From Boxes to Sustainable Packaging: 'And it, you know, it makes sense, of course.' Though I started in the industry making boxes, my passion has always been in helping people transition to more sustainable packaging."— Cory Connors 00:01:50

    Starting a Podcast: "But starting the podcast was an urging from 2 of my friends and several people in the industry, Adam Peek and Evalio Matos, who had podcasts themselves. They said, and we were doing a lot of work together. Promoting certain products and brands and the sustainable packaging industry. And they said, you know, it'd be really good if you had a podcast too because you're always talking about sustainable packaging. It's like, oh, no. I don't wanna do that. That's it. I don't have time for that. Mhmm. And it's just turned into this passion. And I involved my wife and my kids, and they all helped me, with different aspects of it. And It's been fantastic. I'm so glad I took that leap."— Cory Connors 00:05:40

    The Changing Packaging Landscape: "Packaging has been overdone, over engineered, too large, too many layers, for too long."— Cory Connors 00:08:30

    The Rise of Sustainable Packaging: "So now what we're seeing is that tipping point where so many people are adopting these new materials, and implementing them, that the costs are coming down. The scale is there now."— Cory Connors 00:11:56

    States with stringent guidelines "Who's gonna have the strictest rules? Is it gonna be California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado? Who knows? We'll see."— Cory Connors 00:15:56

    Sustainable Packaging: "We need to figure out what the end consumer will appreciate. We need to think of our product from their perspective. And imagine them opening it and providing that experience for them. And then thinking through how can they recycle this material, or how can they break it down so it's small enough to fit into their bin. Or reuse it, or send it back for reuse. Can we have 0 packaging and 0 waste stores popping up all over the country? Which is exciting. But I would say in particular, if you're a brand listening, think of the full loop of how what's gonna happen. So even if you buy something that you think is sustainable and your consumer can't reuse it or recycle it, is it really that sustainable? And should we do a life cycle analysis of this?"— Cory Connors 00:22:38

    "Advice for Success: Be authentic. Be yourself. You can't do this passionately, with a false front."— Cory Connors 00:29:30

    Constantly Learning and Seeking Innovation: "Oh, my. Just like you said, I'm a student. I'm a student every day. I'm learning daily. I am constantly being kindly corrected by my friends, and I appreciate that. I want to. I appreciate you know...so the answer is I learn every day. I enjoy the constant changes in the industry. One of my biggest focuses at Aurora is finding new materials and finding new packaging ideas and concepts. And so I'm constantly pitching new ideas and new new things that are supposed to be more sustainable. Which I truly enjoy. But everybody has a different perspective."— Cory Connors 00:34:10

    The Importance of Appreciating Cultural Differences: "We need to be patient with each other and appreciate our differences. When talking to people from different geographic areas, we must consider their resources and feasibility"— Cory Connors 00:35:04

    How to get started in the industry: "I would say, to shadow someone for a day or, reach out to someone who has a job that's similar to the one that you think you want... And I think you'll get real answers because they don't have anything to lose. Cory Connors 00:39:53

    43m - Oct 29, 2023
  • Ep. 8: "Automotive Packaging, Returnable Software & Need for Diversity in Packaging" with Powerhouse Camille Corr Chism, CEO of Indigo Packaging & Consulting, Michigan State University DE&I Manager, TrueFleet Head of Operations.

    In this episode on Product & Packaging Powerhouse, we connect with Camille Corr Chism, diving into the world of automotive packaging. We explore the unique challenges and considerations in designing packaging for the automotive industry, such as ergonomics, returnability, and sustainability. We also discuss the importance of tracking and preventing theft of returnable automotive containers and the role of packaging in lean manufacturing processes. Then, we learn about TrueFleet, new packaging software for returnable and expendable packaging to expedite decision making real-time comparison tools to estimate packaging costs accurately. Finally, Camille, shares her journey in the packaging field and the need for representation and diversity in the industry.

    [Host Megan Young Gamble Links]

    [Powerhouse Camille Corr Chism LINKS]

    Quotes and Hooks

    The Journey into Packaging: "I took this packaging class, and this class was so interesting to me. I went to and And it was time for me to declare a major. So I go to the counselor and say, you know, “Tell me more about packaging”. And he said, these are the classes you need, and I was literally in the program without knowing it. That's so that's, like, organic. Like, it was meant to be. Then I did an internship, and I loved it."— Camille Corr Chism [00:04:06 → 00:04:33]

    The Importance of Packaging in Today's World: "When we went to talk to the students, all mostly chemistry students, and they were like, well, how does packaging interface with chemistry? And then we is exactly what you said, all the polymer science and how the different materials interact."

    — Camille Corr Chism [00:08:56 → 00:09:09]

    Lean Manufacturing and the Importance of Automotive Packaging: "But there are actually theft rings out there that will steal these containers, resell the containers, So it's really important to keep track of them."— Camille Corr Chism [00:16:08 → 00:16:16]

    The sustainability of automotive packaging: "But with automotive, it stays in that loop, and, you know, this type of container will get used. It can get used... I just love the fact that it's sustainable, You were using. You're not, you know, throwing away extra packaging, and it's very intentional because you have to plan ahead of, you know, what type of packaging you're going to use if you're gonna use returnables."— Camille Corr Chism [00:19:24 → 00:19:38]

    Lean Manufacturing: "Yeah. Hold on. He gets on his radio, and he calls someone immediately to move. Which is the way it should be in lean. Right? You see something, you say something. Everyone is empowered to act on it."— Camille Corr Chism [00:22:43 → 00:22:53]

    "Optimizing Packaging Costs for Longevity: 'When does it make sense to switch over to returnable from expendable? Because, you know, in the long run, most of the time, expendable wins.'"

    — Camille Corr Chism [00:34:44 → 00:34:47]

    The Importance of Representation in the Packaging Industry: "You really need to make sure that you have representation."— Camille Corr Chism [00:42:59 → 00:43:12]

    Navigating Stereotypes and Gender Bias in the Workplace: "I was called the coffee girl more than once in life, and not Because of the color of my skin, because they thought I should be getting the coffee even if I reported to a VP."— Camille Corr Chism [00:48:14 → 00:48:23]

    Supporting Black Professionals in Packaging: "I always felt like I was the only person like me in every job I had."— Camille Corr Chism [00:58:30 → 01:01:10]

    57m - Oct 22, 2023
  • Ep. 7: Building an Authentic Beauty Brand: Insider Tips from O.G Communications Powerhouse Corynne Corbett

    In this podcast episode, powerhouse guest Corynne Corbett discusses the impact of the beauty industry on black-owned brands and shares insights on how these brands can authentically stand out. With her 20+ years of communication and media experience, she discusses practical tips and strategies for brands. The discussion covers topics such as product testing and compliance, market entry with retailers, funding opportunities, retail challenges, and the importance of representation. Corynne emphasizes the need for strategic planning, clear messaging, and understanding the retail landscape before entering the market.

    HOST-Megan Young Gamble Links:

    Powerhouse Corynne Corbett Links:

    Highlights Quotes and Hooks

    "Editor's Background and Goals: 'My goal is to help people break in, stand out, and get the tools to move up and succeed in this industry.'"

    — Corynne Corbett 00:02

    Representation of Black Beauty in the Fashion Industry: "But within the beauty section, the models were there, but the product was not. So we were fudging a lot of it."— Corynne Corbett 00:05

    The Influence of Advertisers in Digital Publishing: "Today, I think the pressure editors not the pressure, but one of the concerns editors have is whether there are affiliate links. So even if there's a black brand with a power product they don't have an affiliate link that can be shared, you know, on in the article, the likelihood that they're gonna be covered is less."— Corynne Corbett 00:07

    Unique Value Proposition: "Don't do something just because someone else is doing it. What are you bringing unique to the market from your perspective?"

    Clear Messaging and Belief: "It is really important that authenticity, really, really clear messaging that's consistent across all of your packaging, your social, your email, your website, a consistent message. And then a belief that what you're offering is going to give them results or give them will make them feel beautiful."— Corynne Corbett 00:14

    The Importance of Building Community: "How much do you wanna scale your company?. For other companies, they wanna exit. But we don't always want an exit. So what is your end goal? What is your growth strategy? And how are you building community around your brand? That is gonna be the growth engine that helps your brand grow and scale that community."— Corynne Corbett 00:18

    Developing a Successful Product: "And then is it you find the chemist that can help you? You do the research ask questions. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Go to, events where people are speaking before you even start. If you can go and gather the information."— Corynne Corbett 00:24

    Are Retailers doing enough for black and minority owned brands? "Well, we have work to do because, 1st of all, are the retailers doing it because they think the brands are ready? To to be on re retail sales. Do they know how long it's gonna take to get paid? What they have to do to get the what what kind of investment they have to make to get that order to the to the retailer.— Corynne Corbett 00:29

    Getting ready for Retail: "So when I say go to these conferences to learn, go to workshops, whatever it takes so that you know all of these components, then do that before you make a deal (with retail).— Corynne Corbett 00:31

    Building a Business: " You have to be committed to build and be committed to any pivots that come your way. And you have to be comfortable with failure because everything is not gonna be what you expect. You know, every outcome is not going to be what you expect."

    — Corynne Corbett 00:42

    Supporting Fearless Fund:  "What I think the Fearless Fund needs is like a black billionaire like Robert Smith to put his weight behind their legal fund and start to question some of this other stuff, like hit them back with something else because they're trying to pick us pick us off because it'll bankrupt funds trying to to to amount of defense. Right? So it's a matter of you know, kind of getting some people to help to to fight this because the reason that failure is fun exists is because no one was giving us money."— Corynne Corbett 00:54

    54m - Oct 15, 2023
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