Ep. 19 - “The Power of Brand Value & Resilience in Procurement” - Rachel Hassall, VP of Procurement @ Harvest Hill Beverage

48m | Mar 18, 2024

In this episode of Product and Packaging Powerhouse, Megan Young Gamble interviews Rachel Hassall, VP of Procurement at Harvest Hill Beverage Company. Rachel emphasizes the importance of sustainability, regulations, and resilience in procurement. She shares her career journey and insights on building relationships with vendors, aligning sustainability goals, and prioritizing needs in negotiations. Megan Young Gamble highlights the significance of value and partnerships with vendors and suppliers. Rachel encourages saying yes to new opportunities and staying open and emphasizes clear communication of sustainability initiatives to consumers.

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Episode Quotes:

  • Be descriptive instead of prescriptive.
  • Building Resilience in Procurement: Resiliency for sure in procurement is the number one thing that people don't value enough or aren't very good at associating dollar values with, because you always, when you're, it all comes back to those dollar signs. So you need to be able to quantify what that resilience can supply you and there's really good ways to do that.
  • Packaging and Value: It's really about what is going to drive value for your business and your consumers.
  • Sustainability in Business: The number one thing in order for your business to succeed and then for your vendors to succeed is to actually know what you want.
  • Ruthless Prioritization in Product Launches: If everything is important, nothing's important, right? And I'm a ruthless Prioritize or like kind of it in life in general, but, if everything is important with your product that you're trying to produce, actually nothing nothing is important and you're gonna find lots of gaps along the way.
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