Ep. 21 - “Creating a Sustainable Skincare Collection" Carolina Lopez, Founder & CEO of BEJOU Skincare

57m | Apr 15, 2024

In this episode of Product and Packaging Powerhouse, Megan Young Gamble interviews Carolina Lopez, CEO and founder of BEJOU Skincare. Carolina shares her inspiring journey from engineering to clean beauty entrepreneurship, emphasizing sustainability, mental wellness, and overcoming challenges with manufacturers. They discuss the importance of reducing environmental impact and consumer confusion around sustainability and clean beauty. Carolina's brand, BEJOU, focuses on holistic wellness and personal growth, embracing the slogan "believably you.

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Episode Quotes:

  1. Sustainability and Environmental Impact: Sustainability is at the core of our brand. Right? And for me, because I think it's important to define what sustainability is and what it means and, obviously, having a background in engineering, it's reducing, reusing, recycling, and recovering the resources to minimize our environmental impact.
  2. Sustainability and Eco-friendly Practices: What certifications do the manufacturer have, and what type of processes are they using to be able to not only just with creating the raw materials or the formulations, but also the packaging. What are they using? Because, right, we also have to take that into account.
  3. Becoming a Well-Rounded Entrepreneur: Remember that during the 1st couple of years, you're gonna be handling all these aspects of your business initially, all yourself. So invest time in developing diverse skill sets to avoid being a wannapreneur.
  4. Beauty Industry Sustainability: You wanna give the best to your consumers, but, really, what does data actually tell you? Are they actually saying and acting on what they're saying, or is this, kind of, like, not really hand in hand and they have to meet at some point?
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