Ep. 8: "Automotive Packaging, Returnable Software & Need for Diversity in Packaging" with Powerhouse Camille Corr Chism, CEO of Indigo Packaging & Consulting, Michigan State University DE&I Manager, TrueFleet Head of Operations.

57m | Oct 22, 2023

In this episode on Product & Packaging Powerhouse, we connect with Camille Corr Chism, diving into the world of automotive packaging. We explore the unique challenges and considerations in designing packaging for the automotive industry, such as ergonomics, returnability, and sustainability. We also discuss the importance of tracking and preventing theft of returnable automotive containers and the role of packaging in lean manufacturing processes. Then, we learn about TrueFleet, new packaging software for returnable and expendable packaging to expedite decision making real-time comparison tools to estimate packaging costs accurately. Finally, Camille, shares her journey in the packaging field and the need for representation and diversity in the industry.

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Quotes and Hooks

The Journey into Packaging: "I took this packaging class, and this class was so interesting to me. I went to and And it was time for me to declare a major. So I go to the counselor and say, you know, “Tell me more about packaging”. And he said, these are the classes you need, and I was literally in the program without knowing it. That's so that's, like, organic. Like, it was meant to be. Then I did an internship, and I loved it."— Camille Corr Chism [00:04:06 → 00:04:33]

The Importance of Packaging in Today's World: "When we went to talk to the students, all mostly chemistry students, and they were like, well, how does packaging interface with chemistry? And then we is exactly what you said, all the polymer science and how the different materials interact."

— Camille Corr Chism [00:08:56 → 00:09:09]

Lean Manufacturing and the Importance of Automotive Packaging: "But there are actually theft rings out there that will steal these containers, resell the containers, So it's really important to keep track of them."— Camille Corr Chism [00:16:08 → 00:16:16]

The sustainability of automotive packaging: "But with automotive, it stays in that loop, and, you know, this type of container will get used. It can get used... I just love the fact that it's sustainable, You were using. You're not, you know, throwing away extra packaging, and it's very intentional because you have to plan ahead of, you know, what type of packaging you're going to use if you're gonna use returnables."— Camille Corr Chism [00:19:24 → 00:19:38]

Lean Manufacturing: "Yeah. Hold on. He gets on his radio, and he calls someone immediately to move. Which is the way it should be in lean. Right? You see something, you say something. Everyone is empowered to act on it."— Camille Corr Chism [00:22:43 → 00:22:53]

"Optimizing Packaging Costs for Longevity: 'When does it make sense to switch over to returnable from expendable? Because, you know, in the long run, most of the time, expendable wins.'"

— Camille Corr Chism [00:34:44 → 00:34:47]

The Importance of Representation in the Packaging Industry: "You really need to make sure that you have representation."— Camille Corr Chism [00:42:59 → 00:43:12]

Navigating Stereotypes and Gender Bias in the Workplace: "I was called the coffee girl more than once in life, and not Because of the color of my skin, because they thought I should be getting the coffee even if I reported to a VP."— Camille Corr Chism [00:48:14 → 00:48:23]

Supporting Black Professionals in Packaging: "I always felt like I was the only person like me in every job I had."— Camille Corr Chism [00:58:30 → 01:01:10]

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