Ep. 12: "Life of Packaging Artwork Manager"-Christina Troutman, Senior Project Manager @ Veritiv Corporation

44m | Dec 11, 2023

In this episode of the "Product & Packaging Powerhouse" podcast, host Megan Young Gamble interviews Christina Troutman, a packaging artwork manager. Christina discusses the challenges of the role, the importance of communication, and the need for diversity in the packaging industry. Christina shares insights from her career journey and offers advice on navigating the industry. The episode emphasizes the need for knowledge, transparency, and proactive communication to succeed in managing packaging projects.

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Quotes & Hooks

Finding Direction in Life: "Just go in a direction. Just go in one direction, and you'll figure out along the way if it's the right path or not."— Christina Troutman [00:07:40 → 00:07:47]

The Balancing Act of Meeting Deadlines: "It's very much almost overly about communicating how you have to balance that." — Christina Troutman [00:16:53 → 00:17:00]

Finding Success in a Competitive Industry: "Read your read your own packaging stuff. Like, read the back of your, you know, beauty products, the back of your cleaning products, you know, start feeling and touching, you know, the things that you get, start feeling and touching, cutting up your Amazon box to see if you can look through and see the fibers of the corrugate and and, you know, Google, what's what makes this, you know, what com what encompasses this packaging. So just start, like I said, get on your Zoom every day at 10, and just start doing your research and show yourself some grace." — Christina Troutman [00:43:03 → 00:43:36]

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