Ep. 11: "Holistic Beauty Marketing -Tara Paton, Founder TP&Co. Marketing Strategy & Research firm

43m | Nov 26, 2023

In this episode, marketing executive Tara Paton discusses the power of holistic marketing strategies through personalized messaging, market research, and building relationships with customers in the beauty industry. During the conversation, Tara emphasizes the importance of effective packaging, clear target audience, and omnichannel presence that has positive Return on Investment (ROI). She touches on “surprise and delight” marketing approach, thoughts on the metaverse, and the complex nature of sustainability. The episode concludes with a focus on customer acquisition, loyalty programs, and setting long-term goals for success in the competitive market.

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Quotes and Hooks:  

Marketing Strategy in the Beauty Industry: "We help them identify growth opportunities. We optimize marketing performance. And ensure that they are doing this all from the standpoint of digging into their customer insights." — Tara Paton [00:01:43 → 00:01:53]

Holistic Marketing Strategies: "Depending on where you wanna go, you are going to build your strategy for your company and for your marketing to fit whatever that angle is. That's the most important thing."— Tara Paton [00:03:23 → 00:03:33]

Building Customer Loyalty: "You wanna make sure that they are actually becoming a loyal customer purchasing with you over time. That you're actually able to improve your customer lifetime value with them, right, so how much they're spending over that period of time and how valuable they are to you."— Tara Paton [00:06:12 → 00:06:26]

Offline Marketing Strategies: "You learn who your customers are. You learn who people are by talking to them and build relationships." — Tara Paton [00:09:44 → 00:11:44]

The Shift in Beauty Industry Sales: "For the first time ever, retail growth rate is growing faster than the ecommerce growth rate."— Tara Paton [00:14:40 → 00:14:46]

Innovative Retail Strategies: "When you think about it from the perspective of I wanna get in a retail or I'm in retail to offer my customer's options, right, that's what omnichannel is about. Options, and being having a presence everywhere so that your customers, no matter where they are, they're never out of stock of their favorite, sunscreen, or they're never out of stock, or they don't have to worry about, ordering online and, you know, waiting for shipping for 2 days to get their favorite lip gloss. They can pop into target CVS wherever and pick it up."— Tara Paton [00:19:59 → 00:20:29]

How to Build Partnerships with Store Associates in Retail: "One of the things that I think is important, especially if your products are in retail, is to build some level of partnership with the store associates...they're the ones that are going to sell you on a product."— Tara Paton [00:24:55 → 00:25:01]

The Future of the Metaverse: "I don't know that the universe within these virtual spaces is large enough yet to really provide an ROI that makes sense, but I do understand why these larger companies are entering first because they wanna sort of have that first mover advantage."— Tara Paton [00:31:31 → 00:31:52]

The Misuse of Sustainability: "I think it's a misused term. I don't know that we need to stop using it. I think that... there are some folks that are using it appropriately that I think need to educate more on it." — Tara Paton [00:37:11 → 00:37:19]

You don’t have to be everywhere: “You can grow a brand that is valued at millions and millions of dollars without being everywhere and without doing everything, without having a celebrity influencer without having influencers at all."— Tara Paton [00:40:29 → 00:40:45]

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