Ep. 23- "Packaging Design, Influence, & Integrity" Vicki Strull, Founder, Vicki Strull Design

36m | May 13, 2024

In this episode of Product & Packaging Powerhouse, Megan interviews Vicki Strull, a packaging and design consultant with over 25 years of experience. Vicki discusses her career journey and expertise in print and digital design in the packaging world. They discuss the evolution of technology in packaging and misconceptions about packaging design. Vicki emphasizes the importance of integrity in branding and the impact of business terminology on design. The episode also highlights "shady packaging" and insights on the subconscious impact of touch on shoppers' behavior. The conversation underscores the need for intentional design and creativity to inspire, as well as the importance of understanding business jargon in creative professions.

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Episode Quotes:

  • I think that one of their misconceptions is that more on a primary display label is better.
  • Deceptive Packaging: There's something shady about that because I'm thinking I'm getting more than I'm getting because visually I am.
  • The Importance of Brand Purpose: So if they're not in it, you have to and we live our lives this way as well. You know, we have our own core purposes. I also think brands have core purposes.
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