Ep. 14-Sandra Piptropia "Importance of Compelling Beauty Marketing Campaigns & Balancing Entrepreneurship with myCurlID

1h 5m | Jan 16, 2024

In this episode, Sandra Pitropia discusses the importance of marketing for compelling campaigns and balancing entrepreneurship. She highlights the challenges of sustainability in packaging and operations, the evolution of diversity and representation in the beauty industry, and the need for larger corporations to capture firsthand consumer data. Sandra also shares insights on the balance between speed, trendiness, consumer demand, and sustainability in the beauty industry, as well as the challenges and opportunities of international expansion. Overall, the episode touches on various aspects of marketing and entrepreneurship in the cosmetic industry.

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Episode Quotes:

  • "The Impact of Small Brands on Larger Companies: The speed at which brands are being launched and products are being put in the market is quite fascinating. The fact that senior leadership is now analyzing small starting brands that nobody would have been concerned about 20 years ago shows the impact these brands have on the strategy of larger companies."
  • Speed to Market Challenges in a Larger Organization: "Yeah. I mean, as you said, like, speed to market in larger organizations is, is a challenge because there are so many processes that have been established, for a very good reason to maintain quality."
  • The Importance of Authenticity in Addressing Diversity and Representation: "If it's not part of the story, let's not do that because it's getting to a point where addressing diversity and representation is becoming very, very challenging for brands to do it authentically, and I feel like they're sometimes struggling to understand what authentic actually means. And Mhmm. It's actually not that hard. It's really not that hard."
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