Ep. 7: Building an Authentic Beauty Brand: Insider Tips from O.G Communications Powerhouse Corynne Corbett

54m | Oct 15, 2023

In this podcast episode, powerhouse guest Corynne Corbett discusses the impact of the beauty industry on black-owned brands and shares insights on how these brands can authentically stand out. With her 20+ years of communication and media experience, she discusses practical tips and strategies for brands. The discussion covers topics such as product testing and compliance, market entry with retailers, funding opportunities, retail challenges, and the importance of representation. Corynne emphasizes the need for strategic planning, clear messaging, and understanding the retail landscape before entering the market.

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Highlights Quotes and Hooks

"Editor's Background and Goals: 'My goal is to help people break in, stand out, and get the tools to move up and succeed in this industry.'"

— Corynne Corbett 00:02

Representation of Black Beauty in the Fashion Industry: "But within the beauty section, the models were there, but the product was not. So we were fudging a lot of it."— Corynne Corbett 00:05

The Influence of Advertisers in Digital Publishing: "Today, I think the pressure editors not the pressure, but one of the concerns editors have is whether there are affiliate links. So even if there's a black brand with a power product they don't have an affiliate link that can be shared, you know, on in the article, the likelihood that they're gonna be covered is less."— Corynne Corbett 00:07

Unique Value Proposition: "Don't do something just because someone else is doing it. What are you bringing unique to the market from your perspective?"

Clear Messaging and Belief: "It is really important that authenticity, really, really clear messaging that's consistent across all of your packaging, your social, your email, your website, a consistent message. And then a belief that what you're offering is going to give them results or give them will make them feel beautiful."— Corynne Corbett 00:14

The Importance of Building Community: "How much do you wanna scale your company?. For other companies, they wanna exit. But we don't always want an exit. So what is your end goal? What is your growth strategy? And how are you building community around your brand? That is gonna be the growth engine that helps your brand grow and scale that community."— Corynne Corbett 00:18

Developing a Successful Product: "And then is it you find the chemist that can help you? You do the research ask questions. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Go to, events where people are speaking before you even start. If you can go and gather the information."— Corynne Corbett 00:24

Are Retailers doing enough for black and minority owned brands? "Well, we have work to do because, 1st of all, are the retailers doing it because they think the brands are ready? To to be on re retail sales. Do they know how long it's gonna take to get paid? What they have to do to get the what what kind of investment they have to make to get that order to the to the retailer.— Corynne Corbett 00:29

Getting ready for Retail: "So when I say go to these conferences to learn, go to workshops, whatever it takes so that you know all of these components, then do that before you make a deal (with retail).— Corynne Corbett 00:31

Building a Business: " You have to be committed to build and be committed to any pivots that come your way. And you have to be comfortable with failure because everything is not gonna be what you expect. You know, every outcome is not going to be what you expect."

— Corynne Corbett 00:42

Supporting Fearless Fund:  "What I think the Fearless Fund needs is like a black billionaire like Robert Smith to put his weight behind their legal fund and start to question some of this other stuff, like hit them back with something else because they're trying to pick us pick us off because it'll bankrupt funds trying to to to amount of defense. Right? So it's a matter of you know, kind of getting some people to help to to fight this because the reason that failure is fun exists is because no one was giving us money."— Corynne Corbett 00:54

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