Ep. 26 - “Sustainability and Cost-Effective Measures in Packaging and Product Development" - ​Michael Houston​, Packaging Sustainability Consultant and Entrepreneur

55m | Jul 8, 2024

In this episode of "Product & Packaging Powerhouse," host Megan Young Gamble and Guest Michael Houston, a packaging sustainability consultant and creator of the Shower Pouch, discuss sustainable packaging, emphasizing the importance of durable and recyclable materials. He discusses the circular economy, consumer education, and the need for brands to prioritize sustainability over greenwashing. Further insights on industry challenges, California vs. Georgia recycling infrastructure, and the shift towards intentional sustainability efforts were shared. The conversation highlights the importance of data-driven sustainability practices and a collective commitment to reducing environmental impact for a zero waste, zero carbon future.

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Episode Quotes:

  1. Implement recycled resins and durable components in packaging to boost sustainability efforts and reduce environmental impact.
  2. Educate consumers on sustainability initiatives to foster awareness and a commitment to eco-friendly practices.
  3.  Strive towards a circular economy mindset by designing products for durability, recyclability, and minimal end-of-life impact.
  4. If you are a packaging engineer, you should present many options to your business and obviously provide a strong technical rationale and reason to believe why you should go down a certain path.
  5. Reducing Environmental Impact of Packaging: Could it be compostable structures? And I'm a fan of looking at compostable materials, especially if it could be, you know, backyard compostable versus, you know, compostable at a manufacturing facility where you have to control certain environmental factors.
  6. Sustainable Living: Just educating yourself, understanding, supporting brands that use sustainability as a strong pillar for development and innovation.
  7. Reducing Material Waste: How can I provide the consumer experience and the delight that the consumer needs with the least amount of material possible?
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