Ep. 25 - "Future of Logistics: OmniChannel Strategies & Benefits Importing through Canada" Roxann Sinclair and Amanda Martyniuk, eShipper

1h 0m | Jun 24, 2024

In this episode of "Product & Packaging Powerhouse," host Megan Young Gamble discusses various aspects of logistics, e-commerce, and customer experience with guests Roxann Sinclair and Amanda Martyniuk from eShipper. They cover topics such as the impact of Amazon Logistics in Canada, integrating the online and in-store shopping experience, personalized marketing, and the intersection of products, packaging, and logistics. The conversation also touches on targeting customer avatars, unboxing experiences, and the influence of freight audits, and strategic partnerships. The guests provide valuable insights on the importance of providing a seamless customer journey and adapting to evolving omnichannel marketing trends. Amanda also highlights the impact of tariff changes on North American supply chains and the benefits of leveraging eShipper's services. 

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Roxann Sinclair 

Amanda Martynuik

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Episode Quotes:

  1. eShipper is essentially your Expedia of shipping.
  2. The future of supply chain management: It's a very exciting time to be in this industry. There's lots of changes that are happening.
  3. The Importance of Customer Experience for Online Businesses: That delivery experience is really what can make or break that customer their final impression of you as a business. And often it's the logistics that can either make a customer very happy or write a terrible review.
  4. When you can save a customer 10% on their shipping and then you can get them another 10% back on their customs, that is net net profit.
  5. The Future of E-commerce: I think what we're seeing is kind of a shift into owning more of your own catalog on your own Shopify, Commerce, whatever website that you have and having less on Amazon.
  6. Traffic is fantastic but if you're not converting that traffic into an actual shopping cart checkout, you haven't even converted that sale. You don't have revenue in your pocket.
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