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10th Man Podcast

10th Man Podcast (TMP) is meant to serve as a movement to normalize disagreement without animosity. Here at TPP, we believe that real philosophy and science demand that we explore all possible explanations, even if they go against the popular narrative. This is an experiment and a process, so hang in there as we work things out and fine-tune our conversational skills and evaluative abilities. The main host is Collin, a healthcare worker, veteran, and jiu-jitsu player. The most frequent co-host is Eli, also a veteran, and amateur boxer. We have a variety of interests that will most likely make frequent appearances in our podcasts and are open to questions about them. Each week we will be keeping an eye out for top headlines and strong narratives to see how we can disagree. Some people find the Devil's Advocate position to be disdainful or annoying, but here at TMP, we find it necessary for a well-functioning society.