For the Love of God

Hello listeners!! Join the conversation with Rick, Nathan and myself as we talk about God, living a better Christian life, play fun games and the Christian songs of the week; and make sure you pop in when we have special guest for an another perspective on Christianity and hear the amazing things that God is doing in the lives of others around the world. Enjoy the show!!


From Wickedness to Salvation
Show Details20min 50s
Part 2 w/ Joshua K Smith: Robots, Trans-humanism, and helicopters in the Bible?
Show Details1hr 26min
"Sunday Shorts" Improving Mental Health with Faith
Show Details10min 11s
Robots, AI and Christians; Oh My!! W/ Guest Joshua K Smith
Show Details1hr 12min
“Sunday Shorts” Be Bold Like Christ
Show Details7min 50s
Once Saved, Always Saved??
Show Details1hr 16min
“Sunday Shorts” 5 Ways to Share the Word of God
Show Details5min 55s
Guest/Lyvita Brooks; All About Prayer
Show Details1hr 29min
“Sunday Shorts” 5 Ways to Get Closer to God
Show Details4min 35s
Church Fulfillment or a Check Mark, Another Pastor Gets Arrested, Would you Rather gets Interesting
Show Details56min 48s
"Sunday Shorts" Internet False Teachers
Show Details5min 57s
The Splitting of Churches, Michigan at Gunpoint via Whitmer, and Whale Bellies?
Show Details52min 43s
The Devil is a Liar
Show Details8min 54s
Guest/ Kim Ledgerwood, Canada News, A week with Jesus?
Show Details1hr 19min
The Vatican Says Aliens Are Coming
Show Details6min 53s
Gender Swap, War in Israel, and a Bible Trivia Failure
Show Details43min 43s
"Sunday Shorts" The Devil Is At Work
Show Details9min 11s
False Teacher; A drop in church attendance and more...
Show Details1hr 29min
“Sunday Shorts” Delivered
Show Details4min 44s
Guest/ Dorothy Graham O'Dell author of "The Overcomer: Facing Challenges with Faith and Courage
Show Details1hr 22min
"Sunday Shorts" To V or not to V, that is the question.
Show Details7min 57s
Are you Ready for the Trip Up? New Game! A different Bible Trivia and More...
Show Details1hr 15min
"Sunday Shorts" An Easter Prayer
Show Details3min 41s
Guest/ April Mac talks about her vision from God that led to her life mission
Show Details1hr 32min
“Sunday Shorts” Pope Francis Accursed- Is he the false prophet??
Show Details11min 51s
Persecution of Christians and Big News
Show Details31min 38s
"Sunday Shorts" The Division of the Church and Salvation
Show Details4min 40s
Read the Bible As If Your Life Depended On It!
Show Details1hr 24min
Marian Apparitions, Music and more
Show Details1hr 2min
For the Love of God - Trailer
Show Details1min 20s