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108 Spiritual Techniques

Ancient traditions have influenced the development of spiritual practices ever since the beginning of human existence. The 108 spiritual techniques are mentioned in Hinduism, Buddhism and Yoga. These spiritual methods can be applied to daily lives, prayer and meditation. The knowledge included in this podcasts will help the listener improve their health, well-being and spirituality. Spirituality is the most important aspect of human life. It comes first before everything, because it creates the basis of our spiritual existence and then our physical existence. In this podcast, you are given a list of 108 techniques that can be used to achieve spirituality. These techniques will help you move forward towards your goals and finally they will help you in achieving your life goal.

We have 108 of these spiritual techniques that will guide you on a path to enlightenment. It is indeed believed that the accumulation of positive karma through these spiritual practices and meditations can help someone make it to heaven after death, since many believe all paths converge one way or another and ultimately lead to the same source: The Divine.