10 Days And Counting Marriage and Relationship Advice Podcast

A relationship, marriage and dating advice podcast hosted by a couple who met online and got married in 10 days. Need advice? Just ask. Support this podcast:


Episode 12 - An Episode Gone Sideways
Show Details47min 44s
Episode 11: Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex, Sex
Show Details44min 48s
Episode 10 - Stages of Coping with Divorce
Show Details26min 19s
Episode 9 - The Hazards of Discipline With Step-children
Show Details22min 43s
Episode 8 - My Friends Are More Fun Than You
Show Details25min 45s
Episode 7 - Dealing With His Ex-girlfriend & Out of Work
Show Details29min 45s
Episode 6 - Losing Patience & Finding Friends
Show Details35min 18s
Episode 5, Part 4 - Fighting Fair
Show Details24min 2s
Episode 5, Part 3 - Fighting Fair
Show Details19min 32s
Episode 5, Part 2 - Fighting Fair
Show Details26min 38s
Episode 5, Part 1 - Fighting Fair
Show Details21min 43s
Episode 4 - You Bore Me
Show Details21min 12s
Episode 3 - Hey, Jealousy!
Show Details17min 20s
Episode 2 - Is Love Enough & A Disrespectful Step-son
Show Details30min 30s
Episode 1 - Married In How Many Days?
Show Details20min 54s