• 12# Cindy Tanartah

    Cindy Tanartah is the mastermind behind ANDSEE, a brand that creates mismatched dream earrings and wearable art from polymer clay highly focused on detail. Born and raised in Indonesia, Cindy's heritage and culture have been a major source of inspiration for her work. 

    Join me in this engaging conversation where I talk with Cindy about her business, cultural aspects, community, and dreams.

    S2 - 51m - Aug 12, 2023
  • 11# Donna Kato

    There is no one who has not heard of her or her brand of clay. Donna Kato has been working with polymer clay for decades and as an icon, she has inspired people from all over the world to work with this material as well, starting on television, teaching classes in many different countries, and sharing knowledge online. 

    Make yourself a cup of tea and enjoy listening to the Polymer Week Podcast where Lucy talks with Donna about her beginnings, developing her own polymer clay, and her latest projects.

    S22 - 56m - May 7, 2023
  • 10# Cynthia Tinapple

    In this episode, Cynthia Tinapple sits down with Lucy to discuss her love for polymer clay and how it inspired her to start Polymer Clay Daily. They also delve into the past and future of this versatile material, as well as Cynthia's experience with helping women in prison.

    S2E26 - 50m - Mar 12, 2023
  • 9# Julia Agnes

    A Canadian artist, Julia Agnes, explores gesture, selfhood, and body language through sculpture in polymer clay.

    Her role as an artist is very important in our community. She is one of a few people, who devote their art to the realistic interpretation of women‘s bodies. 

    That is in today’s world where media present one idealized standard we all should reach, very important.

    S2 - 55m - Mar 1, 2023
  • 8# Anna Togrye

    Welcome to another season of the Polymer Week Podcast. It’s been a pleasure to talk with many different polymer clay artists and I can not wait to share with you more inspiring and meaningful conversations. 

    Today’s guest is Anna Togrye, an American sculptor who creates unbelievable animal sculptures from polymer clay.

    S2 - 54m - Feb 20, 2023
  • 7# Christopher Notbusch

    Meet Christopher Notbush, a talented polymer clay sculptor who has been sharing his passion through live streaming on the Twitch media platform for more than ten years. 

    Lucy and Christopher talk in this episode not just about sculpting, but also about life experience, cryptocurrency in the art world, and working in a relationship as well.

    S1 - 1h 16m - Jul 6, 2022
  • 6# Cindy Lietz

    Meet Cindy Lietz, an accomplished polymer clay artist, a teacher, a constant experimenter, a successful businesswoman and, above all, a constant source of inspiration for the international polymer clay community. 

    Let’s find out what is behind Cindy’s undying enthusiasm and creativity.

    S1 - 58m - Jun 19, 2022
  • 5# Rita Botelho

    This time I had a chance to talk with inspiring Portuguese artist, Rita Botelho, known in the polymer clay community as Atelier Piino. 

    Rita highly values simplicity and minimalism. She creates perfectly clean and precise jewelry from polymer clay and shares her know-how with other makers as well. Let’s explore the story of her art, brand, and her favorite art movement.

    S1 - 1h 12m - Jun 9, 2022
  • 4# Anthony of Ace of Clay

    He introduces himself as a regular guy with a YouTube channel who makes a new sculpture every week. If you’ve been part of the polymer clay community for a time, you know that he’s being far too modest. 

    Anthony of Ace of Clay is not only an artist with superb sculpting skills but also a constant source of inspiration and the reason why so many of his fans started working with polymer clay. 

    S1 - 46m - Apr 10, 2022
  • 3# Ana Belchí

    Our next special guest is Ana Belchí from Spain, a designer of contemporary jewelry, a wonderful teacher and polymer clay enthusiast. In this episode Ana and Lucy talk about what it feels like to have a depression as an artist, about the magic of colors and Ana’s artwork.

    S1 - 1h 21m - Jan 8, 2022
  • 2# Stéphanie Kilgast

    Stéphanie Kilgast from France is a well-known sculptor and multi-talented artist, followed by thousands of followers on social media where she shares her colorful artwork and its mission - to spread awareness about the environment.

    Listen to this episode with Lucy where she talks with Stéphanie about her starts with making polymer clay food miniatures, art education, social media platforms, and many other interesting topics.

    S1 - 45m - Aug 17, 2021
  • 1# Ginger Davis Allman

    Listen to our very first podcast with American polymer clay artist and teacher Ginger Davis Allman talking with Lucy about polymer clay community, online projects, copyrights, her journey and more.

    S1 - 1h 7m - Apr 3, 2021
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