#120 - Submarine Joins Titanic? John Cena The New Terminator? Man Shoots Himself After Nightmare?

12m | Jun 23, 2023

First up this week, The OceanGate Submarine known as Titan disappeared on Sunday, imploring a search by The US Navy and US Coast Guard. Bans were heard in the ocean, and the Navy is now reporting that is heard the implosion of the submarine with its top secret acoustic listening devices. Stockton Rush, the CEO and Founder of OceanGate was one among 5 passengers who were killed during the incident. Debris from the submarine has been found over 2 miles beneath the water near the shipwreck of the Titanic.

AP News released an article pertaining to a Chicago Suburbs man who accidentally shot himself with his 357 magnum revolver after having a nightmare that someone was breaking into his home. Deputies later arrested the man after it was found that his firearm registration was expired or revoked.

John Cena is projected to be the new Terminator, replacing Arnold Schwarzenegger! Will James Cameron cast John Cena as the next superstar in this hit franchise? Is this a franchise worth continuing? James Cameron apparently is stalling the script for the reboot of the franchise as he awaits to see AI in it's current form play out.

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