#121 - Bud Light Canceled... AGAIN? Russian Civil War? Bodybuilder President?

13m | Jul 5, 2023

Bud Light has recently faced backlash and has lost billions of dollars after sponsoring transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney. After much backlash, Bud Light is now sponsoring the Pride in the Pines event in Arizona, along with a pride event in Toronto Canada. While Bud Light has been doing this for many years, what is new is the fact that the pride event in Canada along with one in the United States has featured naked men as part of the parade that was described as family friendly. Children were allegedly exposed to them in this event and it is allegedly sparking outrage by families across the world. The LGBTQ event is supposedly allowing activities that were previously thought to be illegal, activities that many have gone to jail for.

President Putin of Russia has called the Wagner mercenary group in Russia traitors as they marched upon the Russian capitol of Moscow, getting within 250 miles of the city. The President of Belarus intervened and stopped a possible civil war for now. Is President Putin being ousted? Would he use nukes if he was? What could this mean for geo politics around the world? Is this a conspiracy? How dangerous is this situation?

Robert F Kennedy jr, a future Presidential candidate, recently was spotted at a Golds gym in Los Angeles, California. The 69 year old Presidential candidate looks absolutely fit in this unprecedented fitness level of a possible future leader of the free world. Will the United States have a bodybuilder President? His statements support wanting to be a president that is mentally and physically fit. Will this relative of John Kennedy become a sitting President? Only time can tell.

For the Holy Gospel verse of the week, I quote Leviticus Chapter 19 Verse 18. Feel free to leave a comment asking me about Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior! I believe you are reading this for a reason! Jesus loves you friend. God bless.

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