#126 - Cop VS Climate Protest? Museum Demon Summoning?

12m | Sep 2, 2023

A traffic jam 3 miles long was caused by a climate change group targeting event goers trying to go to Burning Man in Blackrock, Nevada. A police officer crashed into the blockade arresting the protesters. Do you think it was a misuse of force? Why didn't citizens make any arrests? Is that even possible today? See why this controversial topic is trending! Global Warming is causing people to do crazy things!

Minnesota Art Museum holds family friendly demon summoning? An art museum in Minnesota holds a supposedly children friendly demon summoning event from Judaea and Babylonian mythology? What does the Bible have to say about this? Does this concern Christian Americans? How can this be trending? What do you think about this controversial topic?

For the Scripture of the week, This Bible verse is from Ecclesiastes 1:18.

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