#114 - Tucker Carlson OUT? Biden Running Again?

14m | Apr 29, 2023

Tucker Carlson of Fox News is officially out! What caused this to transpire? Is it a conspiracy? is it just politics? Where will Tucker go? Perhaps he will start his own podcast or run for president! Many are speculating as to what his next move will be. His publicity has only skyrocketed and it seems many aren't even paying attention to the fact that Don Lemon of CNN has been let go of as well. Will this change the landscape of media?

President Joe Biden announces his bid for reelection as President of the United States of America! In his 80's, can he function as a President and leader of the free world? Are you happy with the job he is doing now? What about the economy? Can that be fixed under his presidency? Who will compete for the position? Do republicans stand a chance? Do democrats have any other candidates that could do a better job? What do you think?

Antifa ATTACKS peaceful protestors with pepper spray outside a drag show in Fort Worth Texas. Footage was captured of the assault and 3 arrests have been made. What caused this violence? Is free speech coming to an end? What does Antifa want?

For the movie review of the week, I review Evil Dead Rise! This horror classic has been going for many decades, but does it retain any quality that it once had? Is it just demonic? Is it worth watching this scary movie? I compare this film to the Titanic in my review!

Science can be amazing! NASA sent a rocket to bring carrying a rover to explore Mars from the perseverance mission and recorded what the red planet sounds like! Have you ever thought about what outer space might sound like? Check out this crazy martian footage of another planet! Speaking of other planets, does alien life really exist? Are they watching these videos? Who knows! What do you think?

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