#117 - Target CANCELED? Valheim! Fast X!

12m | Jun 6, 2023

Target has faced controversy from both the left and the right over their introduction and then the so called hiding of their pride collection, which was designed to support the LGBTQI+ movement. Many people are angry with the company for not only introducing these items for children, according to certain news outlets, but many on the left are angry for the walking back of such displays after losing around 12 billion dollars in 14 days. Target allegedly held a "Bud Light" meeting according to certain sources to try and stave off the losses. What do you think about the issue? Will you continue to shop at Target?

Fast X releases in theaters and is the Number 1 movie in America right now! Vin Diesel returns for this epic continuation of this saga. Is it still worth watching?

What is Valheim? Everybody in the world of gaming seems to be talking about it. It's almost reminiscent of when World of Warcraft was released. Millions of people are playing this game and it only seems to be growing wildly. I review this game so you don't have to! I highly recommend giving it a go! It has Vikings, a sandbox landscape, boats, fishing, woodchopping, hunting, combat, realistic graphics, great music and so much more! Climb your way through the forest or through a sprawling dungeon with your friends! Take on Dragons and other boss monsters alike! Craft armor, gear and other important items for your survival!

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