#119 - Trump Going To JAIL? New Transformers Movie? Jesus Saves!

12m | Jun 21, 2023

First up this week, I share some Holy Gospel with you. I share a message of life in the Name of Jesus Christ. I share scripture from John 3:16 - 18.

Is Former President Donal Trump going to be arrested? He has been indicted for a second time and is going to federal court of the alleged mishandling of classified documents and can face a fine and many years in prison if found guilty on all charges. This has never happened in history in a way quite like this. Is this fair? Is this justice?

For the movie review of the week, I review Transformers: Rise of the Beasts! I compare this film to other Hollywood franchises and wonder if they hold up. Can you make money by continuing a franchise to this degree? Is the movie worth seeing? Has the Transformers franchise been transformed?

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