Gaining the Right Perspective on Life

9m | Aug 13, 2023

Listen to a sample episode of Our Sunday Talks, edited and adapted from Creed of the Dauntless by Frank B. Whitney, published in 1931.

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Our Sunday Talks Excerpt: Have you gained the right perspective on life? Are you able to take the right mental view of a situation? Can you look at the little circumstances of the day and see all things in their right proportion? 

The word "perspective" is defined as (quote) "the interrelation of parts in a subject being viewed; the aspect of an object from a particular standpoint." We gain the right perspective when we reach that point of view in which we see all things in their true proportion. With this point of view, we do not exaggerate the importance of insignificant matters; we do not see persons and things out of proportion in their relation to ourselves.

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