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Hi, my name is Ryan and I host the It Just Works! Podcast, I talk about all things I love gaming, movies, and tv shows. I'm a huge Xbox and Nintendo fan so you can expect a lot of conversations in regards to those companies. I occasionally have my friends on to discuss certain topics as well. We're not professionals but we like to have fun discussing so come on in and join us! Also yes the name of the Podcast is a play on Todd Howards iconic phrase "It Just Works" no shade though, we love the man and his work!


"Just Working It Out" #7 w/Joe
Show Details38min 59s
"Just Working It Out" #6 w/Jenna
Show Details1hr 45min
#117 "A quick update on the Xbox Games Showcase, and I went viral in the Halo tik tok community?"
Show Details9min 33s
"Just Working It Out" #5 w/Bryan (@anothervinylpage)
Show Details1hr 6min
#116: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet gets a second trailer, but is it any good? w/Bryan, Brandon, and Eric
Show Details59min 27s
"Just Working It Out" #4
Show Details20min 12s
#115: Alex is back to talk about Obi Wan Kenobi, Stranger Things 4, Doctor Strange and more!
Show Details1hr 2min
"Just Working it Out" #3 w/Eric
Show Details1hr 35min
#114 "Call of Duty MW2 gets a release date, EA is looking to sell to someone, and the Halo TV show finally ended, also Brobi Wan Kenobi comes out this friday"
Show Details24min 28s
"Just Working it Out" #2 w/Brandon
Show Details1hr 14min
#113 "Starfield has been delayed, and we share our thoughts on Halo Infinite Season 2 w/Brandon and Jarrett"
Show Details58min 18s
"Just Working It Out" #1
Show Details21min 15s
#112 "Can Joseph Staten save Halo? Also, predictions for the Xbox-Bethesda Showcase, and Nintendo Switch Sports is fun?"
Show Details29min 11s
Show Details1hr 4min
#110 "Kingdom Hearts 4 was announced, The Flood infect Halo MCC, and Lego Star Wars is amazing?"
Show Details26min 32s
#109 "Playstation has their answer to Xbox gamepass, Apex legends Next-gen update is here, also Halo Infinite, Moon Knight, and The Legend of Zelda!"
Show Details34min 46s
#108 "The Halo TV show decided to ignore the source material, Also 8 years later and Mario Kart 8 is still going strong with new courses, to finish we talk about Hogwarts Legacy!"
Show Details31min 30s
#107 "Quick update on Elden Ring and more, plus we give our full in-depth discussion for Pokemon Legends Arceus"
Show Details1hr 32min
#106 "Eric is back to talk about The Batman...." *SPOILERS AHEAD*
Show Details59min
#105 "Elden Ring is incredible, Halo is dying, also let's talk about the latest Pokemon Presents February 2022"
Show Details1hr 17min
#104 "Eric is back so we can discuss The Book of Boba Fett, and Peacemaker" SPOILERS AHEAD
Show Details1hr 11min
#103 "Our First impressions on Pokémon Legends Arceus, and we talk about the Nintendo Direct from February 2022”
Show Details45min 25s
#102 "Microsoft buys the gaming industry, and here's our Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake discussion!"
Show Details1hr 4min
#101 "Halo Infinite News, Mario Kart 9 is in active development, Legends Arceus looks good, and Stalker 2 gets delayed"
Show Details25min 41s
#100 "The 100th episode is finally here! Here's our favorite upcoming Games,Movies, and Tv Shows for 2022"
Show Details1hr 35min
#99 "Let's talk about Boba Fett's book Chapter 1"
Show Details17min 57s
#98 "Our GOTY, and the Halo Infinite spoiler cast you've been waiting for"
Show Details1hr 1min
#97 "Looking back at Pokémon Generation 8 #Pokemon25"
Show Details1hr 10min
#96 "20 hours later here is my Halo Infinite Campaign Review (NO SPOILERS)"
Show Details36min 31s
#95 "75 hours later, here's my Halo Infinite Multiplayer review"
Show Details1hr 17min
#94 "Pokémon Generation 7 and our Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond Preview #Pokemon25"
Show Details1hr 26min
#93 "Celebrating Skyrim's 10th Anniversary w/Alex"
Show Details1hr 42min
#92 "Halo is Infinitely getting better and better!!"
Show Details25min 54s
#91 "Looking back at Pokémon Generation 6 w/Bryan and Brandon #Pokemon25"
Show Details1hr 10min
#90 "Our thoughts on Metroid Dread, also is Nintendo Switch Online a ripoff?”
Show Details57min 14s
#89 "Halo Multiplayer is back, but is it any good?"
Show Details34min 57s
#88 "Nintendo 64 online is coming!! The Nintendo Direct reaction is here w/Bryan"
Show Details51min 11s
#87 "The Cruis'n Blast overview you've been waiting for..."
Show Details19min 50s
#86 "Holy Marvel games Batman, The Playstation Showcase reaction"
Show Details17min 14s
#85 "Looking back at Generation 5 w/Bryan, and Brandon #Pokemon25"
Show Details1hr 4min
#84 "Destiny 2, Halo Infinite, COD Vanguard, Marvels Midnight Suns, Lego Star Wars, and more @Gamescom2021"
Show Details35min 19s
#83 "NEW FORMS, NEW EVOLUTIONS?! It's the Pokémon Presents REACTION you've been waiting for..."
Show Details34min 48s
#82 "Microsoft wants to buy Grand Theft Auto? Xbox Gamescom predictions, Ranked Apex Legends, and Monster Hunter Legends of the Guild"
Show Details23min 34s
#81 "A Cinderella Story: James Gunn's The Suicide Squad" *SPOILERS*
Show Details46min 10s
"A Love Story: The Halo Infinite Technical Preview"
Show Details46min 25s
"Let's talk Nintendo 64 with Eric"
Show Details58min 59s
"Ubisofts xDefiant is stupid, Pokemon Unite is Good, and Battlefield 2042 really just did that"
Show Details23min 4s
"I was wrong about Skyward Sword HD *SPOILERS*, also a new Intro and Outro"
Show Details18min 16s
"Looking back at Pokémon Generation 4 #Pokemon25"
Show Details1hr 3min
"Q&A, Halo Infinite Season 1 and Yay a New Nintendo Switch? Sort of"
Show Details28min 56s
"Let's Talk Retro: Pokémon Colosseum(2004)"
Show Details22min 17s
"Let's talk about the newly announced Pokémon 25th Anniversary Trading Card Set"
Show Details39min 10s
"Our reactions to the Nintendo Direct E3 2021"
Show Details1hr 17min
"Halo Infinite needed a release date. My reaction to the Xbox/Bethesda Game showcase 2021!"
Show Details24min 56s
"Elden Ring looks amazing! Also we give our Xbox E3 predictions w/Eric the casual gamer"
Show Details37min 56s
"Looking back at Pokemon GO, the phenomenon"
Show Details1hr 23min
EP.67 "Our Predictions and Wishlist's for Nintendo's E3 Direct"
Show Details1hr 6min
The First 12 hours of Mass Effect Legendary Edition(Mass Effect 1)
Show Details15min 30s
EP.66 "They have RISEN! The Monster Hunter Rise Review is here!"
Show Details1hr 16min
"Rambling with Ryan #2"
Show Details25min 1s
"GET OVER HERE! Mortal Kombat 2021 review"
Show Details1hr 11min
"Let’s talk about Lizard vs Monke(Godzilla vs Kong)SPOILERS"
Show Details57min 12s
"Rambling With Ryan #1"
Show Details27min 24s
Ep. 63 "Looking back at Generation 3 #Pokemon25"
Show Details1hr 6min
EP. 62 "Godzilla fights everything. Looking back at Godzilla King of the Monsters w/Alex"
Show Details52min 47s
Ep. 61 "LET THEM FIGHT! Let's talk Godzilla 2014 w/Alex"
Show Details44min 30s
EP. 60 “Early impressions of Monster Hunter Rise w/Bryan and Brandon”
Show Details30min 55s
EP. 59 "#Ask343 Halo Infinite News recap, also Bethesda dominates the Xbox gamepass"
Show Details16min 7s
EP. 58 "Old School Runescape w/ Alex, Jarrett, and Justin"
Show Details1hr 35min
EP.57 "Halo Infinite news, Sony State of Play, and Celebrating Pokemon 25th Anniversary"
Show Details1hr 46min
EP. 56 "Reacting to the February 2021 Nintendo Direct with Bryan and Brandon"
Show Details1hr 27min
Ep. 55 "Talking Elder Scrolls and going off topic with Alex and Jarrett"
Show Details1hr 26min
EP.53 "#Pokemon25, Celebrating 25 years and Generation One with Bryan and Brandon"
Show Details1hr 34min
EP. 52 "Mass Effect, Halo Infinite, Apex, and I have to defend Iron Man 3?"
Show Details1hr 2min
EP. 51 "KOTOR is back?!, also Joss Whedons Avengers Review"
Show Details1hr 19min
EP. 50 "Marvel phase one, Deadpool 3, and Cap is coming back?! Plus Mortal Kombat the Movie(2021)"
Show Details1hr 34min
EP.49 "Podcast Update, and moving forward..."
Show Details6min 41s
Episode 48 "Hyrule Warriors is cool, Elder Scrolls Online, Star Wars stuff, and Runecape turns 20!"
Show Details22min 7s
Episode 47 “New Years special! Looking back at 2020 and the last decade of gaming!”
Show Details39min 54s
Episode 46 "Merry Christmas everyone!! Also that one awesome Jedi is back!"
Show Details14min 55s
Episode 45 “I should start taking notes, Sooo heres my Gears 5 recap lol”
Show Details32min 16s
Episode 44 "HOLYYYY S**T, Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar just dropped the mic"
Show Details1hr 19min
Episode 43 "Halo Infinite news, Master Chief in Fortnite and tons of Game Awards announcements!!"
Show Details30min 4s
Episode 42 “Spoilers/Recap for Mandalorian, Master Chief dancing? and Elder Scrolls vs Fallout!”
Show Details56min 30s
Episode 41 "Next Gen is here, But is it worth your money? The Xbox Series S review is here!"
Show Details18min 50s
Episode 40 "LOTR vs Star Wars, The Return of the King, and Project Gorgon""
Show Details42min 22s
Episode 39 "Thanksgiving Special!! What I'm thankful for and reading your responses"
Show Details14min 23s
Episode 38 "Instagram Polls, Wario64, Gears of War is back??? Also Next Gen consoles are fun right?"
Show Details20min
Episode 37 "Xbox Series X and PS5 enter the fray, also can we bring back TitanFall 2?"
Show Details16min 15s
Episode 36 "Spoilers/Reviews This is the Way S2E2,and the Crown Tundra saved Pokémon?"
Show Details22min 34s
Episode 35 "Spoilers on This is the Way S2E1, also the Two Towers of Pokémon and Todd Howard"
Show Details45min 31s
Episode 34 "CyberPunk is delayed again, Halo is falling apart, and the Crown Tundra is cool"
Show Details40min 43s
Episode 33 "The Fellowship of the Ring does not simply walk into Mordor Extended Edition"
Show Details39min 37s
Episode 32 "Thank you for the support, Pokemon, and Microsoft saves Gamestop?"
Show Details13min 55s
Episode 31 "Looking Back at 343's Halo, Spoiler its a bumpy one. Also I love Halo 4"
Show Details37min
Episode 30 "Looking Back at Apex Legends, Who wants to fly on a zipline? I DO"
Show Details46min 47s
Episode 29 "Looking Back at Rocket League, I mean CAR SOCCER!"
Show Details25min 26s
Episode 28 "Looking Back at Titanfall, Reuploaded"
Show Details25min 40s
Episode 27 "Galarian Snowking, and Pokemon Frown Tundra news!!! Yayyyy?"
Show Details19min 52s
Episode 26 "Black Widows Luna+ is infinitely delayed on Halo, and Rocket league is cool!
Show Details21min 36s
Episode 25 "Oh $7.5 Billion you say? Bethesda joins Team Xbox!"
Show Details20min 9s
Episode 24 "Looking back at Monster Hunter World, Also Monsters Rise to tell Stories 2"
Show Details34min 55s
Episode 23 "This is the Way Season 2, Playstation wins, and a Theory of the Wild"
Show Details20min 40s
Episode 22 "Checkmate Playstation, Hyrule Warriors, and Ubisoft is Cool?"
Show Details25min 43s
Episode 21 "The Avengers have Assembled, Mario's 35th Direct, and Monster Hunter is still awesome!"
Show Details25min 51s
Episode 20 "The Sequel trilogy is awful, A Star Wars Story"
Show Details1hr 23min
Episode 19 "The War is getting Colder, Staten will save Halo, Star Wars, and Reptillians"
Show Details25min 6s
Episode 18 "DC Showed up, Avengers is Meh, and Halo 3 ODST in 2020?"
Show Details23min 22s
Episode 17 "A New Hope Strikes Back and Jedi Return"
Show Details59min 17s
Episode 16 “Halo Infinite Delayed, Fortnite, Apex Legends”
Show Details24min 4s
Episode 15 "I..Am..Iron..Man"
Show Details28min 43s
Episode 14 "Marvels Avengers the Game.... and Project X Cloud"
Show Details16min 2s
Episode 13 "The Great Journey... Halo the Master Chief Collection"
Show Details24min 22s
Episode 12 "Mortal Kombat Live Action Movies......Suckerrzzz"
Show Details1hr 3min
Episode 11 "Xbox Game Showcase 2020"
Show Details44min 54s
Episode 10 "Halo Combat Evolved"
Show Details25min 19s
Episode 9 "Mortal Kombat is....BADASS"
Show Details46min 37s
Episode 8 "Review Delayed, Xbox, Nintendo, Halo, and Monster Hunter"
Show Details10min 54s
Episode 7 "The Star Wars Prequels...and the High Ground"
Show Details1hr 8min
Episode 6 "Xbox Summer Game Fest and Ryan's Xbox Series X Wishlist"
Show Details20min 41s
Episode 5 "Isle of Armor Review"
Show Details19min 29s
Episode 4 "Pokemon Unite, Halo Infinite, Last of Us 2, and......Elder Scrolls"
Show Details1hr 56min
Episode 3 "EA Play Live 2020 and Apex Legends..."
Show Details1hr
Episode 2 "Star Wars Squadrons and PS5"
Show Details46min 29s
Episode 1 "Pokemon"
Show Details56min