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Lore and Legends

Lore and Legends explores humanities past, present, and future through the lense of the lore and legends built up by dominant cultures like Ancient Egypt, Greece, and more forgotten or ignored groups like the Native Americans or Tribal Africans, as well as modern myths, legends, and phenomena from bigfoot, to UFO's, psychic powers and even religions.... https://www.loreandlegends.net


The First Voyage of Amerigo Vespucci and the Naming of America
Show Details37min 10s
CBDC's and the Future
Show Details12min 30s
The Carancas Impact Event
Show Details9min 34s
The Universe 25 Experiment
Show Details14min 2s
The Hypersonic Arms Race
Show Details12min 5s
A Russian Ghost
Show Details9min 45s
A Dead Secret
Show Details9min 19s
Lone Survivor: Miracle or Myth?
Show Details11min 5s
The Story of Samson
Show Details22min 41s
Spirit Beings of the Cherokee
Show Details15min 49s
Enoch, Aliens, and Me
Show Details31min 5s
UFO's, Aliens, and Power
Show Details17min 11s
The Untold History of Fat Clubs
Show Details8min 20s
Project Bluebeam
Show Details13min 17s
Theseus and the Minotaur
Show Details24min 14s
The Origin of the Minotaur and the Labyrinth
Show Details5min 56s
Roswell: Darker than Aliens
Show Details11min 12s
Communists, Culture, and Cannibalism
Show Details21min 18s
Miracles of War
Show Details10min 42s
The Boy who snared the Sun
Show Details7min 8s
A Deal with the Devil
Show Details15min 30s
Galactic Federation Update
Show Details4min 20s
Solar Flares, CME's, and the EMP Threat
Show Details13min 58s
Reign of the Bugs
Show Details14min 11s
The Galactic Federation and a Show Update
Show Details6min 33s
Enoch and the Nephilim
Show Details23min 46s
The Haunting of Theorosa's Bridge
Show Details10min 15s
Sallie House Haunting
Show Details36min 50s
The Fighting Cricket
Show Details18min 26s
"The Ants and the Treasure" A West African Folktale
Show Details9min 6s
Fedcoin and the Future
Show Details13min 7s
BONUS: UFO crash retrievals and the New York Times
Show Details12min 18s
The CIA's Project Stargate and Life on Mars
Show Details20min 23s
Dreams and Visions
Show Details30min 36s
Is Easter Pagan?
Show Details25min 35s
World War Flu
Show Details10min 48s
Baba Yaga
Show Details17min 2s
Show Details13min 31s
Skinwalkers and Wendigos
Show Details23min 55s
Hunting Mammoths: Past, Present, Future
Show Details20min 45s
BONUS: Coyote Kills a Giant
Show Details5min 40s
The Book of Giants
Show Details21min 19s
Secrets and UFO's
Show Details19min 45s
A Navajo Legend of Creation
Show Details14min 44s
Show Details14min 1s
The Book of Enoch
Show Details28min 8s
The Epic of Gilgamesh - Part 2
Show Details47min 47s
The Epic of Gilgamesh - Part 1
Show Details1hr 6min
Interstellar Wanderers
Show Details28min 55s
Anubis: God of the Underworld
Show Details14min 26s
Patrick of Ireland
Show Details21min 14s
Nikola Tesla and the Martians
Show Details33min 45s
The Nazi Space Weapons
Show Details30min 12s
George and the Dragon
Show Details23min 1s
Gods of Egypt
Show Details21min 5s
CRISPR, Eugenics, Nationalism, and You
Show Details23min 29s
Show Details22min 55s