The Q'd Up Podcast on Podcasting

The Q'd Up Podcast on Podcasting features two gentlemen with multiple years of experience in the podcasting industry. Jay "PodVader" Soderberg (@theRealPodVader) has been involved with podcasting since the beginning with stints at ESPN, Voxnest and the Locked On Podcast Network. John Luckenbaugh ( has been helping podcasters for over a decade with production work starting on the tv/film side of things. Together, they bring you a weekly look at the business, tech and marketing impacting podcasting today.


Breaking Down Podcast Statistics And What They Mean, With Guest Daniel J. Lewis
Show Details44min 39s
2020 Podcasting recap: What we learned and what we expect in 2021
Show Details51min 1s
SEO For Podcasts: Why Is SEO Important For Your Podcast?
Show Details28min 29s
Storytelling podcasts, Part 2: Using storytelling elements to create a better podcast
Show Details30min 21s
Storytelling podcasts: What they are and how to make a good one
Show Details32min 47s
Podcast advertising and technical difficulties
Show Details24min 42s
The best podcast hosting for dynamic ad insertion, how can I grow my podcast audience, and November’s Apple Podcasts numbers
Show Details46min 56s
Podcast hosting: How to start a podcast with the best podcast hosting
Show Details35min 55s
Podcast marketing and how to not podfade: Improving your social media marketing podcast efforts
Show Details33min 5s
Spotify advertising, podcast subscriptions, and proper microphone techniques: What changes in advertising means for your podcast
Show Details52min 47s
Podcast categories and podcast discovery: How people find new podcasts and how you can keep them
Show Details43min 25s
Podcast charts and what makes a good podcast: Breaking down differences in podcast episodes, charts, and how to read them
Show Details36min 53s
Podcast advertising, pod-safe music, and where to find royalty-free music for your podcast
Show Details41min 34s
The spoken word audio report about podcast views, what is LUFS, and what it all means for your podcast listenership
Show Details24min 49s
Introducing: Q'd Up Podcast on Podcasting
Show Details3min 39s