News from Estonia, discussed fortnightly in English, with Tallinn-based journalists Stuart Garlick and Maris Hellrand, plus guests.


6: "Radio Free Europe & Estonian Independence"
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5: "LGBT in Estonia"
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4: "Black Lives Matter"
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3: "From a Discord"
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Stuart Garlick and Maris Hellrand talk about education, specifically the new Estonian Interior Ministry directive that may prevent third-country nationals from coming to the country to study in higher education, and the implications of this for the country.

They also talk to schoolteacher Matthijs Quaijtaal and Tartu University student Sille Võsaste about how they have adapted to distance learning, and what the education system can learn from the developments of recent months. Recorded on 27 May 2020.


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Published May 27, 2020 at 10:27pm
2: "Throwing shale"
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1: "Back to the island"
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