News from Estonia, discussed fortnightly in English, with Tallinn-based journalists Stuart Garlick and Maris Hellrand, plus guests.


5: "LGBT in Estonia"
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4: "Black Lives Matter"
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Stuart Garlick and Maris Hellrand talk to musician Yasmyn about her experience of being an Estonian person of colour, and there is coverage from the Black Lives Matter protest in Tallinn on 10 June. Recorded 9-10 June 2020, published 11 June 2020. Contains some strong language.


Excerpt from Last Laugh ft. Moeazy from Illusions by Yasmyn, used under licence and with permission from the artist.

Theme music by Kaiolyn:

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Published Jun 11, 2020 at 3:33pm
3: "From a Discord"
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2: "Throwing shale"
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1: "Back to the island"
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