Friends and Rivals Podcast

Welcome to the Friend and Rivals Podcast where we will be discussing the Eastern Conference's Metropolitan Division. The hosts are fans of the Rangers, Devils, Islanders and Penguins. Get in-depth analysis from these teams and others!


Ep 7 Friends & Rivals Podcast
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Episode 7 - On this week's "Friends and Rivals"; welcome to our poetry reading! Walt Whitman has got nothin' on Tom's "'Twas the Night Before Hockey".  Plus, his bridge is an eyesore and his edgework is crap. On the other hand, his samplers are pretty good. But enough about Walt Whitman. Bill let's us know why the biggest disappointment out of Penguins camp is the spelling of the 4th string goalie's last name. Nick finally gets to tell us that Barzal is officially signed - or did he tell us that already last week? What day is it anyway? Steve shares a couple of signings by the Devils and gets into their credit problems. Tom lets us know that we all need to learn how to spell Kayandre. Kyand...Kandr...K'Andre? Let's just say it's MILLER TIME. We go through our predictions for each division and our old friend Mike Milbury gives us his highly intelligent opinion. Do we deliver the most entertaining NHL analysis of any podcast in existence? YOU BET WE DO! (Not LITERALLY Evander Kane...please don't bet on that). You'll be in SEVENTH HEAVEN when you tune in to this week's FRIENDS AND RIVALS PODCAST!

1hr 31min
Published Jan 13, 2021 at 4:31pm
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