Dose of Support

Dr. Kasper interviews a variety of professionals in healthcare. Guests share their role and experiences which shape their practice and make lasting impressions. We give support, get support, and discuss "self-care in healthcare."


Episode 6: Finding Grace with Dr. Danielle
Show Details44min 59s
Episode 5: Ellie's OT Journey
Show Details31min 15s
DOS BONUS: The Weekend Retreat #1
Show Details19min 59s
Episode 4: Roll with Nurse Andrea
Show Details46min 56s
Episode 3: Dan's CNA Metamorphosis
Show Details34min 35s
Episode 2: Amy's Prescription for Progress, not Perfection
Show Details32min 22s
Episode 1: Alison's Dietary Dose
Show Details38min 37s
Episode 0: Introduction to Dose of Support
Show Details18min 55s